Students show high skills in SOP competitions

2020-01-14 | Since 2 Year

Students show high skills in SOP competitions

Doha, 14 January 2020 - The secondary schools volleyball competitions of 13th edition of the Schools Olympic Program (SOP) 2019-2020 continued impressively at the Qatar's Volleyball Association in Doha on Monday.

In the Monday's fixtures, Ummsaieed school defeated Tarek bin Ziad 2-0, Omar bin Khatab outclassed Rowdat Rashid 2-0, Sumaisma beat Mohammed bin Abdulwahab 2-0.

On the same track of victory, Religious Institute defeated Jassim bin Mohammed 2-1, Sumaisma beat Ummsaieed 2-1 and Omar bin Khatab won Tarek bin Ziad 2-1.

In the preparatory schools' volleyball competitions, Philippines defeated Bhavans Public school 2-0 and Cambridge outclassed Noble International 2-0.

In the basketball competitions for secondary schools for girls, Tunisian school defeated Lebanese counterparts 7-4, Al Arqam Academy beat Al Andulas 16-3 and Shimaa school defeated Aisha bint Abi Bakr 10-6.

The SOP is held annually as a collaborative effort of to encourage hundreds of students athletes competing from all over Qatar.

The SOP Committee aims to spread a culture of sports through Qatar's schools and to engage the entire community in active and healthy lifestyles while retaining local values and traditions.


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