Qatar Stars League and the Players Association value the salary cut initiative

2020-04-19 | Since 2 Year

The Qatar Stars League and Qatar Players Association

Doha, 19 April 2020 - The Qatar Stars League and Qatar Players Association welcomed in a joint statement the initiative launched by the professional players who have waived part of their salaries to support the efforts of the State of Qatar to combat the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Mr. Hani Ballan, CEO of Qatar Stars League, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the players who showed a spirit of solidarity with the Qatari community during the Che Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, indicating that this initiative shows the aspect of the social responsibility that they have.

For his part, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari, President of the Qatar Players Association, stressed that this initiative of the players is not strange to them, as they have proven that they are on the level of responsibility inside and outside the stadiums as well.

Al-Kuwari said that the aim of the Qatar players ’association discussions with Qatar Stars League is to reach the standards that will be followed in implementing this initiative without causing a negative impact on the players.

Al-Kuwari thanked the players for this initiative, which expresses their appreciation for the efforts of the state at all levels.
The statement concluded by expressing thanks to the Qatar Stars League and the Qatar Association for the players on behalf of the football family in the country to all workers on the front lines to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.


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