Aspetar’s "Healthy Ramadan" campaign encourages being healthy while at home

2020-04-23 | Since 3 Month


Aspetar, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital,

Doha, 23 April 2020 - Aspetar, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, has launched a new version of its "Healthy Ramadan" campaign for the 10th year in a row, which coincides with the special circumstances witnessed by the world due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic this year. The updated campaign ranges from medical tips, guidance to athletes and the entire community in a creative way to several exercises that can be carried out during the month.
Aspetar’s Ramadan campaign aims to increase awareness about the importance of adopting an active and healthy lifestyle on social media platforms through an evidence-based research and studies carried out by Aspetar experts in many areas such as nutrition, exercise, fitness, psychology, oral and dental health,
This year's campaign features an interactive design that enables the public to interact with it through tips provided on Instagram’s “Story” feature, accompanied by questions addressed to the audiences throughout the holy month.
Also, various videos will broadcast on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
Khaled Ali al-Mawlawi, Aspetar’s chief administrative officer, said:"The Healthy Ramadan campaign is a good tradition that we have been following for a decade, and under the current circumstances that require everyone to stay at home, we have considered expanding the campaign of the athletes to all members of the community, we are using the outcome of Aspetar’s pioneers in research and sports medicine , who have spent years studying the effects of fasting on sports, and on public health for the benefit of the public."
Launched annually during the Holy month, Aspetar’s campaign aims to introduce the hospital’s experience during the fasting month. Experts specialised in the fields of nutrition, psychology, research, exercise medicine, dentistry and other specialties are presenting briefly many important advices provided in an innovative yet simple way.
The messages also touch on how to eat healthy, sleeping patterns, the ideal bedtime, the optimal time for exercise and tips on oral and dental health. Aspetar will also offer a range of exercises that can be done at home, to encourage fitness and healthy habits during the stay at home period.
To serve the community, Aspetar, through its leading role in sports medicine and exercise science, offers health education through various methods to reach the largest audience, based on reliable and evidence-based scientific research.
In previous years, Aspetar presented awareness campaigns in the Holy month of Ramadan.

"Healthy Ramadan", the stories and video series are all available through Aspetar’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. The campaign follows the success of Aspetar’s innovative awareness initiatives such as 'Ask the Doctor’ and ‘Beat the Heat’, which aim to promote healthy living among both recreational and professional athletes.


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