QSL reviews the health protocol to complete season

2020-06-01 | Since 4 Month


QSL remote meeting

Doha, 1 June 2020 - Qatar Stars League led a remote meeting, yesterday afternoon with sports officials and representatives of QNB Stars Clubs, to discuss the necessary arrangements for the resumption of training and matches in accordance with the precautionary controls. The meeting was the first workshop held by QSL to discuss all the details and listen to the proposals of clubs and teams in order to reach the best solutions suitable for everyone.

The session, which brought together QSL and Federation officials, including health club officials, dealt also with the health protocol and the procedures that will be implemented for the resumption of the exercises and matches for the 18th round due on July 24 to August 22.

The steps and procedures to be applied were as well discussed with the players and technical teams returning from their annual leaves next June 7.

The meeting confirmed that the conduct of the first examination of the Corona virus for all players and technical and administrative teams will take place on June 8 and 9. It was also stressed that remote training will continue in homes and according to specific programs developed by technical organs.

It was stressed that all (players - administrators - coaches) should stay home after the first examination, and there will be a second corona examination before the start of the usual exercises.

The second test for Corona Virus will be on 24 and 25 June, provided that the group exercises start from June 25 to July 23, before the start of the 18th round matches on July 24 and 25.




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