Special arrangements for new camel racing season

2020-06-02 | Since 2 Year


Camel Races

Doha, 2 June 2020 - Hamad Mubarak Al-Shahwani, Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Organizing Committee for Camel Races, stressed that the committee has developed the road map for the 2020/2021 calendar and activities due to kick off on September 5.

He estimated a week from now to resume training that stopped since last March in line with instructions of the competent authorities due to the Corona pandemic, stressing that the monitoring body of camel racing is waiting for the green light from the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

This season’s competitions will be conducted in 6 race tracks instead of 3 in order to avoid overcrowding and maintain spacing and safe distances, Al-Shahwani said, noting that the Founder's Camel Festival is due on December 28 and that 8 local races will take place throughout the season.




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