Olympians, World Champions and Asian Games medallists among stars to support Doha 2030

2020-12-09 | Since 1 Month

Olympians, World Champions and Asian Games medallists among stars to support Doha 2030

Doha, 9 December 2020 - A host of international sports stars have expressed their full support for Doha's bid to host a 2030 Asian Games that will deliver an inclusive and magical experience for athletes and all members of the OCA family.

Among those to express their support are two-time Asian Games gold medallist, two-time Olympic medallist and two-time high-jump World Champion, Mutaz Essa Barshim; Asian Games gold medallist and Olympic bronze medallist in shooting, and rally driving champion, Nasser Al Attiyah; and Qatar's first female Olympic swimmer Nada Arkaji.

Mutaz Essa Barshim said:

“One of my first ever senior competitions was the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and I will never forget what an honour it was to live side-by-side with my Asian brothers and sisters. While I think the Asian Games in 2030 may come too late for me personally, I have no doubt Doha 2030 would be an unforgettable event,

“I have had the privilege of competing in Doha on many occasions, notably last year during the World Athletics Championships, and international athletes always tell me what an amazing place it is to compete. It has some of the best venues and training facilities in the world and you always know the service and support for athletes will be world-class. I really hope that Doha is awarded the 2030 Asian Games so all Asian athletes and the wider Asian sports community can experience this for themselves."

Nasser Al Attiyah added:“I had the honour of competing in Doha 2006 and the atmosphere of celebration and unity I experienced during the Games still lives with me. It was not my most successful Asian Games, but it was one that provides some of my fondest memories. Since then I have seen how Doha has made significant investment into sport and hosted hundreds of sports events, training camps and more. With all this experience and expertise I have no doubt that Doha can host an even better Asian Games in 2030 to the one I experienced in 2006. But one thing that will be the same will be that all of Asia is made to feel valued and welcomed."

Nada Arkaji said:“It has been an honour to be involved in the Doha 2030 bid and ensure that athletes are at the very centre of the bid's plans. We want to make sure athletes have everything they need to be able to achieve their dreams in Doha.

“We know what an important role sport plays in helping to drive positive social change and as a female Olympian in Qatar, I myself have seen first-hand how powerful sport is in changing attitudes. Women's sport is stronger than ever here and only on the rise. Doha 2030 would provide the perfect platform help inspire the next generation of young boys and girls across Asia."

Doha 2030 is guaranteeing the ultimate athlete-experience. Every aspect of the masterplan has been developed with athletes in mind, drawing on Doha's extensive existing state-of-the-art infrastructure and experience in delivering world-class events.

Doha's sophisticated transport network will ensure average travel times for athletes of 20-30 minutes and the Athletes' Village in Qatar's first ever sustainable city will meet every need of Asia's stars. Away from sport, the vibrant and inclusive city will provide the perfect getaway for athletes, offering beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and diverse cultural attractions.


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