Al-Mahmoud: The 2020 AFC Champions League matches heling us preparing up for 2022

2020-12-14 | Since 1 Month

 Ali Musa Al Mahmoud

Doha, 14 December 2020 - Ali Musa Al Mahmoud, Deputy Director of the Planning Operations team in the AFC Champions League for Eastern Zone championship, has said the planning process at every top sports event links up all departments working under the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). 

In an interview with QFA website, Al Mahmoud explained the matters related to planning processes and the tournament in general.

“The role of the planning process begins before the start of the activities at any tournament, especially before the start of an event. Our work is based on the data developed before the tournament, data that falls under the AFC requirements, the LOC and of the security committee,” Al Mahmoud said.

“There were also requirements for health conditions because of the COVID-19 situation around the world. After that comes the planning and the preparation stage. This is where we start collecting information related to expenditures for all committees, and after confirming all the incoming information, we urge all other departments and committees to start their work,” he explained. 

“Then the role comes to do follow-ups and to supervise what has been agreed upon earlier. Among all the member teams, and after the end of the tournament, we have comprehensive reports and references by monitoring and following up all events.

“In this tournament, we have different protocols and the most prominent of which is the health protocol issued by the Ministry of Public Health. The activation of the health bubble and how to deal with all participants In the tournament, in addition to maintaining the protocols and plans developed for each facility is the most important feature. We have overcome difficulties and challenges, but we have achieved what we had aspired to,” Al Mahmoud said.

Al Mahmoud also talked about the 2020 AFC Champions League matches in the West and East Zones, and the lessons learned by the LOC.

“We always look for lessons to learn and develop. Indeed, we benefited a lot from the West Zone Championship, and we utilized what we had learned from that month-long event. We tried to improve our performance by setting up different protocols and policies in the East Zone Championship, which helped us tackle difficulties and challenges. The East Zone Championship is an exceptional tournament by all standards and is being staged in unusual conditions. Thank God, success has been our ally all through these events,” Al Mahmoud said.

As for the cooperation between the QFA, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, and the Qatar Stars League Foundation during the tournament, Al Mahmoud said: “Close cooperation has been witnessed in the AFC Champions League matches in the West Zone and the East Zone championships – through the LOC that was directly representing the Qatar Football Association, the Supreme Committee for Legislation & Legacy, the Qatar Stars League in addition to many other state institutions. As a team working in the Planning Operations Department, we had daily meetings with all other departments and committees. We did follow-ups and managed developments of events, which greatly contributed to our success.” 

Al Mahmoud also mentioned the benefit Qatar has gained from hosting the tournament, explaining: “There is no doubt that the two tournaments – the AFC Champions League matches in the West Zone and the East Zone championships – played at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums – have greatly helped us prep upon matters relating to operations at match venues. These details show that we are not only talking about organizing football matches. Rather, the matter goes beyond the complete preparation of tournaments at the World Cup level, especially the logistical matters etc. The hosting of such tournaments certainly helps us achieve our goals on the ground by continuously improving performance and diversifying work mechanisms to reach the highest degree of readiness before hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.”

Al-Mahmoud stressed that hosting the AFC Champions League 2020 matches is a model for close cooperation between state institutions.

“Since I joined the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy in 2015, we have been able to merge all ministries in the country to work together under one umbrella for the success of different tournaments hosted by Qatar. I have witnessed great cooperation that brings us together at various ministries and agencies. This engagement among stakeholders has become normal for us, and this cooperation has reflected in the confidence that the AFC has in Qatar. Without a doubt this confidence fuels our enthusiasm for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and increases our ambition further,” Al Mahmoud said.


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