QMMF President wins FIM membership

2021-02-02 | Since 4 Week

Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif al-Mannai

Doha, 2 February 2021 - President of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif al-Mannai won the membership of the Board of Directors of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) for the next four years. He was elected during by-elections for three seats held during the first online edition of the FIM’s General Assembly that took place over two days in Geneva.

Al-Mannai won 51 votes, while President of the Argentine Federation Ignacio Fernandez received 56 votes and President of the Swedish Federation Hakan Lyman got 50 votes.

The Qatari’s win was a result of his excellent electoral programme, which focused mainly on talented youth, through the Qatar Mechanical Sports Academy, which was officially launched in October 2018 and has a great number of young talents from around the world, in addition to the leading role of Qatar, as hosts of the inaugural MotoGP round for 13 consecutive times, and 17 times since it first hosted it in 2004.

In a statement on this occasion, al-Mannai expressed his pride as a Qatari and Arab citizen for the achievement of winning membership of the International Motorcycle Federation, pointing out that obtaining this great international position confirms the importance of Qatar at the international level.

He stated that winning this position was a result of tireless work and effort throughout the past period since assuming the task of the president of the QMMF, stressing that during his term in the international federation, he will try to build bridges of trust and co-operation with all federations around the world.

Al-Mannai considered his new position as a great challenge, while affirming at the same time his ability to take responsibility. He added that development and progress achieved in various fields of sport in the past few years prove the Qatari capabilities on the ground.


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