Camel racing Committee Expects a Record Participation in Amir festival

2021-03-16 | Since 1 Year

Camel racing Committee

Doha, 16 March 2021 - The Camel Racing Organizing Committee has announced that all preparations for the annual purebred Arabian Camel Festival for the sword of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, which will start next Saturday, expecting record and unprecedented participation from various fields of the GCC countries Arab Gulf.

The competition this year will be held for 12 consecutive days during the period from March 20 to 31, and 44 symbols (16 gold and 28 silver) and 206 cars have been placed as prizes for the winners of the first places 381 races for all age groups.

Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Organizing Committee for Camel Racing Hamad Al Shahwani said in a press statement that work is underway to provide all means of comfort for all participants from different countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in order to provide the best levels that befit the name of a festival dear to the hearts of everybody.

Al Shahwani said that the number of participants in the festival this year is expected to reach record and unprecedented numbers, especially in light of the great demand for registration in various stages throughout its days, pointing out that the numbers participating will be officially announced after the completion of the registration period.

He added that the most prominent competitors and camel owners from the Arab Gulf countries, whether in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman or the Emirates, have announced their participation in the festival of HH the Amir this year with the best of what they have , which will lead to a very competitive competition, especially in light of the presence of Qatari camels, whether At the level of hybrids or the Hybrids of Royalties and excellencies.

He pointed out that the majority of camel owners and their camels have arrived in Doha, where they are currently subject to preventive and precautionary measures in the planned accommodation hotels as a quarantine period before the start of the competitions, stressing that the organizing committee is making intensive efforts to provide all the possibilities for all participants and competitors, whether from Doha or those coming from the outside.

At the end of his statement, Al Shahwani stressed that participation in the festival of HH The Amir was not limited to the people of the Arabian Gulf alone, as the door for participation was opened to all camel owners from all Arab countries, especially that there is a following for the sport in neighboring Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria and Sudan arrived in Doha.


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