The 11th round Longines Hathab announced

2021-03-17 | Since 2 Year

Longines Hathab

Doha, 17 March 2021 - The Organizing Committee for the fourth season of the Qatar Equestrian Championship (Longines Hathab) announced today the program of the Future Knights and Dressage competitions within the 11th round of the championship, which will be held next Saturday at Longines Indoor Square in Al Shaqab. 

 The activities will start in the morning with two rounds of dressage, the first level, followed by the second level competitions, and the competitions will be concluded in the evening with two rounds of the future knights, the first at a height of 80 cm and the second at a height of 90 cm. 

Within the dressage knights ranking of the first level, the knight Maryam Ahmad Al-Sumait tops with 138 points, followed by Maryam Jassim Al-Buainain in second place, followed by Jassem Al-Jahham Al-Kuwari in third place, and Asma Yasser Mohammed Forsan leads the second level in dressage with 144 points, then comes next in The second and third places are Ghanem Nasser Al-Qadi and Jasim Muhammad. 

As for the knights of the future, the first level, the knight Hadi Mansour Al-Shahwani leads them with 132 points, followed by Barzan Azzam Saleh in second place and in the third place Oqab Muhammad al-Rasheed, and the second-level knights in dressage are led by Ken Monty with 137 points, and Fahd Abdel Karim comes in second place. Third place, Hamad Adel. The fourth season of this Longines Championship is held in partnership between the Qatar Equestrian Federation and Al Shaqab (a member of the Qatar Foundation). The tournament is supported by the ocial and Sports Activities Support Fund / Support and "Global Peace." 


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