Ali al-Marri takes double dressage honours at Hathab

2021-03-21 | Since 3 Week

Longines Qatar Equestrian Tour Hathab

Doha, 21 March 2021 - Ali Mohamed Al Marri came up with impressive performances in both Level 1 and Level 2 competitions in the deciding 11th round of dressage of Longines Qatar Equestrian Tour Hathab at the Longines Arena of Al Shaqab on Saturday.

Al Marri first impressed the judges astride Lusail BV’s 10-year-old chestnut gelding Casal Des Forets in Medium Championship (Level 1) Test 1F returning a cumulative score of 65.833. Al Marri also topped Prelim Championship (Level 2) on Navigater (Qatar Equestrian Federation’s bay gelding) with a score of 73.365.

Maryam Ahmed al-Semaitt and Asmaa Yasser Mohamed settled for the runners-up spots in Level 1 and Level 2 respectively. Maryam rode her trusted mount Rhythm (QEF’s dark bay gelding) and scored 62.564 points in Level 1 ahead of Maryam Ahmad al-Boinin, who finished third on Silvan (62.372).

Asmaa, riding Leslie Ann (QEF’s bay gelding) garnered 69.904pts for second spot in Level 2. Jassim Mohamed Al Fahd al-Kuwari on Guiness was third (69.135).

Later in the day, the Future Riders’ 11th Round too provided thrills. Mohamed Yousef al-Jaber astride Godette won the 90cm class clocking 27.44secs and 29.11secs in the two rounds, while Jassim Adel al-Saegh topped on Joly's Arno with 29.75secs and 19.45secs respectively.


Medium Championship (Level 1) | Test 1F | Prize-Money: QR20,000

1. Rider: Ali Mohamed al-Marri; Horse: Casal Des Forets; Score: 65.833; Prize: QR5,600

2. Maryam Ahmed al-Semaitt; Rythm; 62.564; QR4,600

3. Maryam Ahmad al-Boinin; Silvan; 62.372; QR3,500

Prelim Championship (Level 2) | Prize-Money: QR15,000

1. Ali Mohamed al-Marri; Navigater; 73.365; QR3,750

2. Asmaa Yasser Mohamed; Leslie Ann 2; 69.904; QR3,000

3. Jassim Mohamed al-Fahd Al Kuwari; Guiness; 69.135; QR2,250 

Future Riders

Table A, Special two phases, Art. 274.2.5 | Max. 90cm

1. Rider: Mohamed Yousef al-Jaber; Horse: Godette; Faults: 0; Time: 27.44secs; Faults: 0; Time: 29.11secs

2. Saif Mohamed al-Naimi; Sydney; 0; 26.82secs; 0; 30.20secs

3. Fahad Abdulkarim Abed; Fantastique; 0; 29.16secs; 0; 30.45secs

Table A, Special two phases, Art. 274.2.5 | Max. 80cm

1. Jassim Adel al-Saegh; Joly's Arno; 0; 29.75secs; 0; 19.45secs

2. Mohamed Eisa al-Bukhari; Frosty Brian Boru; 0; 25.52secs; 0; 23.21secs

3. Eqab Mohamed al-Rashid; Friedrichshof Dark Dream; 0; 26.33secs; 0; 23.35secs


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