Qatar's Abdullah Al Nuaimi Finishes Second in Castells-Agrant Race

2021-06-07 | Since 2 Week

Abdullah Al Nuaimi

Paris, 7 June 2021 - Qatari jockey Abdullah bin Tahous Al Nuaimi achieved second place in the French "Castells-Agrant" race for endurance, which is classified internationally by the International Equestrian Federation, after a strong performance in which dozens of internationally ranked jockeys competed. 

 The 120 km race was divided into four stages, with 84 jockeys from Europe, Asia, and the Arab Gulf countries from Qatar and the UAE participated in the race.

The race was very difficult for the participating riders and horses, due to the difficult terrain and rainy weather throughout the race.

The average speed of the Qatari jockey Abdullah Al Nuaimi was 16.6 km per hour on the horse "Betal Toure". The Dutch jockey Marijke Fizer won first place on the horse "Roca de Luc". 


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