Stage set for Padel World Championship

2021-11-07 | Since 3 Week

Qatar Tennis, Squash, Badminton Federation Secretary General Tariq Zainal and Managing Director of TotalEnergies Matthieu Bouyer shake hands after a sponsorship signing ceremony.

Doha, 7 November 2021 - Qatar is set to host the Padel World Championship this month for the first time in Asia and the GCC region.

The championship will be staged at Khalifa Tennis and Squash Complex from November 15-20, 2021 with participation of 320 players from 16 nations. 

The Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation (QTSBF) announced that TotalEnergies will be the gold sponsors of the Padel World Championship.

A partnership signing ceremony between QTSBF and TotalEnergies took place on Thursday and in attendance were QTSBF Secretary General Tariq Zainal and Matthieu Bouyer, Managing Director of TotalEnergies.

“It is my pleasure to announce that TotalEnergies will be the gold sponsors of the Padel World Championship,” QTSBF Secretary General Tariq Zainal said while speaking at the press conference.

“We are superbly excited for the championship and I take this opportunity to extend sincere thanks to all our sponsors,” he said.

 Zainal said TotalEnergies and QTSBF have a long association while thanking them for the valuable support for the Padel World Championship.

“TotalEnergies have supported squash and tennis events in the past by associating us as sponsors, so we have had a long association and we wish to thank them for their continued support to our activities and tournaments,” said the QTSBF official.

The partnership he said reflects the commitment of the QTSBF and TotalEnergies to support a healthy lifestyle in Qatar. 

“The hosting of the Padel World Championship in Qatar will increase the popularity of the sport not just in Qatar but the entire Middle East and we are looking forward to an exceptional championship,” he said. 

“Padel, as a sport, is making its presence felt almost all over the country, with the game being played at various clubs and stadiums and at the recreational facilities of some of the leading hotels. We are looking forward to the Championship and some high quality games during the championship,” he added.

Zainal said preparations to host the championship are on track and was optimistic that it will be an exceptional championship.

 “It will be a great event with many players from different nations participating. Preparations are on track and all the players, officials and everybody from the Padel family will have a thrilling and enjoyable championship,” he added

The Padel World Championship will be another feather in the cap for QTSBF, which has been an organising top tennis and squash tournament over the years.




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