Aspire Embassies Futsal tournament Kicks off today

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2019-04-04 | Since 1 Year

Aspire Embassies Futsal tournament to commence today

Doha, 4 April 2019 - The third edition of the Aspire Embassies Futsal Tournament will kick off today, running till April 27 at the Ladies sports hall.

The tournament consists of groups of 9 players comprising of heads of diplomatic missions from each embassy.

The participating embassies were divided into four groups, where group A included: Jordan, India, Mali, and Syria; Group B: Iraq, South Africa, Eretria and Bosnia; Group C: Spain, Japan, Azerbaijan and Oman; Group D: Portugal, Djibouti, France and a team representing Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar.

The tournament is scheduled to commence with matches on Thursday between Jordan and India at 5:00pm, followed by a match between Syria and Male at 6:00pm and another one at 7:00pm between Iraq and South Africa. The final match on Thursday will be between Bosnia and Eritrea at 8:00pm.

The tournament, which grew out of the popular mini Aspire Ramadan Festival edition in 2015, is an opportunity for diplomats and representatives of the embassies to take a break from their typical work setting and experience an electrifying environment that combines activity and entertainment.


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