Tunisia Soar to the FInals! Tunisia 1-0 Egypt

2021-12-16 | Since 1 Month

Tunisia 1-0 Egypt

Doha, 16 December 2021 - A very sad day indeed for the Egyptians tonight at Stadium 974. Egypt battled endlessly against Tunisia with courage and confidence, but ultimately could not overcome their African counterparts, with the game ending 1-0 in favor of the Tunisian Side.

The game was action-packed, brimming with chances at goal and aggressive advances towards both goals, but not many from either side could seem to find their target possibly due to the high pressure of the semifinals. The two teams couldn’t find the back of the net for almost the entirety of the fixture, but sure enough in the 95th minute during stoppage time disaster struck for Egypt; a freekick from the Tunisian side made its way towards the box and was seemingly headered in by the very same team, but in a twist of events and a quick instant replay it became devastatingly clear that the goal was scored by Egypt’s own defender. This ultimately cost Egypt the game as the final whistle blew, destroying the Egyptian crowd, and bringing tears to the eyes of thousands.

Victorious Tunisia is now officially FIFA Arab Cup Finalists and will move on play against the winner in tonight’s second semifinal match between Algeria and Qatar, the final will take place at Al Bayt Stadium on the 18th of December. 


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