Ministry of Sports and Youth Celebrates Gulf Youth Day, Honors Key Players in Youth Empowerment

2022-06-07 | Since 3 Week

Ministry of Sports and Youth Celebrates Gulf Youth Day

Doha, 7 June 2022 - The Ministry of Sports and Youth celebrated Monday the Gulf Youth Day. On this occasion, the ministry honored a number of key players in the youth field, supporters of youth work in the country and creative youth who left a distinguished impact on various fields of creativity.

In statements on the sideline of the celebration, HE Minister of Sports and Youth Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali affirmed that Gulf Youth Day is an occasion to highlight the fruitful efforts of the gulf youth and to open more channels of convergence between the youth of the GCC countries to exchange experiences and expertise in line with the lofty goals of youth in the GCC countries.

HE the Minister added that the youth of Qatar have always left their creative imprints in the fields of education and technology, active citizenship, participation and economic empowerment, health and physical activity.

He called for continuing the efforts aimed at facilitating the aspirations of the nation's youth for achievements that prove their ability to give and meet the ambition and aspirations of the society towards this important segment. He pointed out that the Qatari youth, who are proud of their national identity, is an authentic and active part of the Gulf youth component.

During the celebration, HE Minister of Sports and Youth honored a group of distinguished people in the category of senior leadership, the category of joint work committees, executive leadership as well as creative and distinguished Qatari youth. In the category of senior leadership supporting youth HE Dr. Hessa bint Sultan Al Jaber and HE Qatar University President Dr. Hassan Rashid Al Derham were honored.

As for the executive leadership category, Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al Kuwari, former President of Qatar Cyclists and Salem Saeed Al Mohannadi, President of the Sealine Sports Club (Mawater) were honored.

In the creative youth category, researcher and inventor Dr. Hitmi Khalifa Al Hitmi, founder of the Najah Qatari Faisal Khalid Al Otaibi, the mountaineering champion Sheikha Asma bint Thani Al-Thani, founder of "Ink Pen" initiative Buthaina Mohammed Al Janahi, the founder of innovative application "Skip Cash" Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Delaimi, founder of "Together for Qatar" initiative Mohammad bin Fahd Al Hudhaifi were honored.

In the category of joint work committees, Nasser Mohammed Al Jabri, the Committees Liaison Officer, and Ahmed Issa Al Kuwari from the Training and Leadership Development Committee were honored. 

On the sidelines of celebrating the Gulf Youth Day, HE Minister of Sports and Youth inaugurated the updated version of the application Shabab Lad3m that enables the youth whether Qataris, expats, and even tourists to easily access all events, matches, and youth centers according to the user's interests and hobbies.

The Lad3m application user can surf and register for the events and happenings that are taking place in the State of Qatar. This includes the registration, and participation in youth and sports clubs, in addition to viewing match schedules. Finally, the application enables users to register for the membership in the general assembly of the Qatar Youth Council, and to apply for the youth innovation and excellence card.

The Lad3m application allows the youth to voice their reviews of events and courses after having attended them, as well as giving them the opportunity to send in their suggestions to the organizers. Furthermore, Lad3m gives the youth a platform to find volunteering opportunities.  

The General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has chosen June 6 as an anniversary to celebrate the Gulf Youth and enable this sector of society to meet their potential and aspirations and also exhibit their skills and creativity.

The Gulf Youth Day is a chance for the GCC, in the decision of the Supreme Council, and the Committee of Their Highnesses and Excellencies Ministers of Sports and Youth in the GCC states to show their interest in the Youth, refining their talents, and developing their capabilities. In addition to promoting the concept of youth strategy, and shedding light on its objectives, programs, and sectors, and the dedicated bodies for its application.

The Youth Empowerment Initiative was adopted in the 34th Committee of Their Highnesses and Excellencies Ministers of Sport and Youth in the GCC states (April 2021), and it included: Education and Technology, Active Citizenship, Sharing, and Effective Leadership, in addition to Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment, Political Awareness Development, Social cohesion and security, Health and Physical Activity. Each sub-category has an application action plan in the GCC States.


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