QOC Change Management Training Course begins

2022-06-23 | Since 2 Month

QOC Change Management Training Course begins

Doha, 23 June 2022 - Change Management Training Course for the directors and Assistant directors of Qatar Olympic Committee’s departments has began at the QOC’s Headquarters and will last from 21st to 23rd of June.

This training course aims to invest any change opportunities available and manage them efficiently in a way that will help QOC’s objectives become achievable and successful. 

Additionally, this course could  help the targeted category to evaluate the internal and external work environment  and developing ahead self motivations of change. It will also increase trainees abilities to adopt strategies that could suit all change process- related parties.

In the opening session, Dr. Mona Issa – lecturer and expert of institutional performance development and strategic planning – has focused lights on change management concept, change trends and needs for change and innovation.

Most notably, the  three-day training course will see other key topics, including change methods , how do individuals get involved in change processing management , how  can they  set up strategies to deal with change and build up innovation culture, career empowerment, emotional intelligence to manage change and develop individual plans. 


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