SC, Josoor Institute Complete Capacity Building Workshop Series with Community Leaders

2022-07-06 | Since 1 Year

 Capacity Building Workshop Series with Community Leaders

Doha, 6 July 2022 - In less than five months' time, Qatar will welcome the world to the first FIFA World Cup to be staged in the Middle East and Arab world. This will provide an opportunity for Qatar's diverse communities to showcase themselves to visitors during the tournament.
As these communities have an important role to play in the cultural experience around Qatar 2022, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) partnered with fellow SC Legacy Programme, Josoor Institute, on a series of capacity building workshops aimed at preparing community leaders with standardising community cultural activations and performances.
Held both online and in person, the workshops focused on the following six themes in an interactive setting: Role of Leadership, Influence & Teamwork; Creativity & Planning; Negotiate & Motivate; Delivery & Impact; Observation Activity and Measuring Success. These skill-based workshops not only provided valuable tools for preparing activations for the FIFA World Cup, they gave community leaders new skill sets, networks and expertise to uplift their professional development.
"The workshops have been fantastic in teaching me skills that I can use for not only the World Cup, but for my community in general," said Mitch Scott, President, Australians and New Zealanders in Qatar Society. "We can take these skills and build more engagement around our community." The final two workshop sessions took place on 2 July at Multaqa (Education City Student Center) on the campus of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, with over 30 community leaders attending the sessions. This included Costa Rican community leader Gabriela Marin Fallas.
"For us, it's very important to be in these workshops because the Supreme Committee is giving us the tools that provide us the opportunity to participate in World Cup activations, to show our culture and the big efforts that we have been doing here in Qatar," said Fallas.
Among the events where Qatar's communities will play an important role is the Cultural Activation FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In empowering those communities with important preparation skills, visitors are sure to be treated to an unforgettable cultural experience during the tournament.
"These unique workshops have been able to change the model of engagement with our communities from an informative level to an active participation and empowerment stage," said Khaled Al Suwaidi, the SC's Stakeholder Relations Director. "The workshops also allowed for our community leaders to network and share experiences, which highlights the diversity and connectivity of our communities in Qatar." Crucial to the delivery of the workshops was the SC's collaboration with Josoor Institute and their experience in training professionals for the sports and events management industry.
"We are delighted to have played an important role in facilitating these workshops for Qatar's community leaders," said Afraa Al Noaimi, Executive Director, Josoor Institute. "We hope that the sessions were informative for them and their communities, and that it will enable them to make the most creative contribution possible to the various community and cultural activations that take place before and during the World Cup." 


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