Qatari Team Meets Kuwaiti Counterpart to Determine Third Arab Championship for Basketball

2022-07-21 | Since 2 Year

Qatar Youth Basketball team

Cairo, 21 July 2022 - Qatar Youth Basketball team faces his Kuwaiti counterpart today in the match of determining the third place in the Arab Championship, currently taking place in Egypt. Egypt and Algeria play todaythe final match of the competition.

A per regulation of Championship, the first stage employs a league system, and then the to two play in the final while the third and fourth play a play-off game to determine third-place winners Upon the completion of the first stage matches, the Qatari team came in third place with 8 points, Algeria is topping the rankings with 10 points, the Egyptian team comes in second with 9 points, and Kuwait is in fourth with 7 points, then UAE and Saudi Arabia are in the fifth and sixth places.

The Qatari team had won the first 3 matches in a row against the Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, then lost in its fourth match against its Algerian counterpart, and in the fifth against Egypt. 


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