Qatar Legacy Ambassadors to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Sports Legends Promoting the Qatari Vision

2022-07-31 | Since 2 Week

 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Doha, 31 July 2022 - Organizing the historic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 represents an ideal opportunity to highlight the capabilities and traditions of the State of Qatar and the Arab world. Qatar, as a representative of the Arab world and the region as a whole, looks forward to organizing this global event for the first time in the Middle East aims to invest the popularity of football for good, not only at the sporting level, but at various levels that would benefit Qatar, the Arab region, and the whole world.

To accomplish that, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), responsible for implementing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 infrastructure projects, has chosen a number of legends and stars of game in Qatar, the Arab world and the world as ambassadors of the committee, to participate in spreading the vision and ambitions of the State of Qatar in Organizing the event, along with other efforts taking place to the competition promote the expected global championship within the legacy program in various countries of the world.

The ambassadors of the program have great expertise gained during their careers in the football. This was prior to their involvement with the Qatar World Cup hosting efforts, which the country has proven its ability to host by hosting other major world championships and events. The committee worked on dividing their ambassadors to a group of Qatari and Arab ambassadors, and international ones.

10 football stars from Qatar and the Arab world were selected as local ambassadors for the World Cup, they are: Qatari players Khaled Salman, Mubarak Mustafa, Ibrahim Khalfan, Adel Khamis, Ahmed Khalil, Muhammad Saadoun Al Kuwari, Omans Ali Al Habsi, and Egypts Mohammed Aboutrika and Wael Jumaa, and Iraqs Younis Mahmoud. While five stars were chosen as global ambassadors, they are: Xavi Hernandez, Brazils Cafu, The Netherlands Ronald de Boer, Cameroons Samuel Eto'o, and Australias Tim Cahill.

The selection of the ambassadors of the Qatar World Cup was very careful, as these legends with a history of achievements in the world of football and will help support the preparations for hosting an exceptional and unprecedented edition of the World Cup (21 editions) since its launch in 1930 of the last century, and for the ambassadors' contribution to the success of the Qatar World event scheduled to be held between Nov. 21 to Dec. 18, by each of them playing their role in building bridges of communication between Qatar, the Arab world and the world as a whole, spreading the vision about the Championship, as well as in light of Qatar's success in impressing the world with its ability to equip the infrastructure of the tournament and its facilities in an unprecedented record time, and on top of that, equipping 8 World Cup stadiums according to special specifications and standards and huge possibilities that the last World Cup has never witnessed, especially in terms of providing stadiums with a cooling system to provide an ideal atmosphere in addition to providing a transport network that will help move and transport fans during the tournament in a wonderful convenient way.

Some of these ambassadors have recently participated in promotional campaigns for these stadiums with the fan leaders of the qualified teams, and some of them have also participated in promotional tours of the tournament locally and abroad, the last of which was in Lebanon as part of a series of promotional tours to be carried out in several countries. They are set to tour 54 countries carrying the World Cup trophy, which weighs 6.175 Kg in gold, including the 32 teams that qualified for the World Cup.

As an important part of the campaign to introduce and promote the 2022 World Cup, the ambassadors will add more success to the preparations for the establishment of this historic tournament, being held for the first time in the Arab world and the Middle East, after the State of Qatar led countries of the region in hosting the event as a representative of Arabs, as reflected by the famous statement of HH the Amir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani in his famous saying that welcomed, in the name of all Arabs, fans of the world to the World Cup.

The ambassadors seek to invest their experiences, achievements and stardom in playing their role in order to bring about the positive change, which will be beneficial in terms of introducing everything related to the culture, legacy and history of the Qatari and Arab society as a whole and its dealing with global events.

The bio for each of the 15 players can be summarized as follows: Khalid Salman: one of the stars of Qatar who shone in various forums locally and abroad with his Al Sadd team and the Qatari national team, and crowned many important titles, the most important of which was his leadership of his Al Sadd team to win the AFC Champions League title in 1989 as the first Arab team to win the title, and also contributed to the qualification of the Qatar national team to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

One of the most prominent tournaments he played was with the Qatar youth national team, which qualified to play in the 1981 Youth World Cup finals in Australia, and shone strongly at that time in the tournament specifically against the Brazilian national team in the quarterfinals when he scored three goals in the Brazilian goal, and contributed to the Qatari national team reaching the final of the tournament, and was close to being crowned the world title if not for losing to the German national team in a difficult confrontation that saw heavy rains.

Mubarak Mustafa: one of the best former stars of Qatar and the owner of the nickname "Al-Sinyari", he stood out with his Arab Club during the golden generation period, which contributed to the achievements of the team that was chosen as the team of the last century, and with the national team he was crowned the Gulf Cup twice, and was unique in obtaining the title of top scorer and the best player in the 1992 Gulf edition, and he finished his career in the stadiums, scoring 34 goals with the shirt of the Qatari national team, and was one of the few stars who distinguished himself by scoring decisive goals in various competitions.

Ibrahim Khalfan: one of the greatest players of Qatar and Al Arabi club throughout history at the center of the game industry, he was distinguished as a leader of the game that contributed to achieving many achievements with his team locally and with his country's national team abroad, and he is among the most representative players of his generation for his country's national team internationally, as he represented the Qatari national team in 90 international matches, and one of his most notable achievements was leading the Qatar national team to qualify for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Adil Khamis: one of the few Qatari football players throughout the history of the first popular game who can be described as stars, he played in the defensive centers and defensive midfield, and starred with the Qatari national team and his club Al Ittihad (Al Gharafa) later, and distinguished himself internationally with "Qatari Annabi" in many international forums, most notably in the 1992 Gulf Cup, in which he played with his comrades the role of stardom led by Qatar to carry the Gulf Cup for the first time.

Ahmed Khalil: he is one of the best Qatari players in the goalkeeping position, he became famous with his Al Arabi Club specifically and like other clubs as well, and he stood out among the stars of the Qatar national team, during the early nineties of the last century, and he is one of the stars who contributed to the coronation of the 1992 Gulf Cup title, and he was one of the most prominent stars of the tournament, and he came out of it with the title of the best goalkeeper, as he only scored a single goal, so he deserved to be crowned as one of the most prominent stars of the tournament.

Mohammed Saadoun Al Kuwari: one of the most famous Qatari figures active in the fields of media, sports and Social, a prominent media man, who has emerged as a presenter of football programs specifically in the channels "BEINsports", which is the most widespread in the Arab world and the Middle East, is known to millions of sports fans in the Arab world, and besides his work in the media, he is a professional player in the game of Padel which began to spread in recent years, and he has represented Qatar in foreign forums and achieved remarkable achievements.

Ali Al-Habsi: he is the best and most famous football player and even an athlete in his country, the Sultanate of Oman, and the most prominent player at the level of the Arabian Gulf countries who has been professional abroad in Europe, can be described as a goalkeeping legend in the Sultanate of Oman, and the Arabian Gulf, the owner of a busy career spanning more than 18 years during which he was the most prominent goalkeeper in the Gulf Cup tournaments during which he was crowned the Championship title for the first time in the history of his country's national team, and he is also one of the best goalkeepers so he got the title of the best goalkeeper five times, and he has been professional in many European clubs, most notably the English Bolton the Wigan and contributed to Wigan winning the 2012 FA Cup - In 2013, he played for Saudi Al-Hilal FC and won the league title with it in 2018, and participated in 350 matches at the club level, and 100 international matches with the Oman national team.

Mohamed Aboutrika: one of the most popular football stars in the Arab world and Africa, he is a legend of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly club, who gained fame for to his skills, achievements, high morals and high sports spirit inside the stadiums, and outside through his association with the issues of his Arab nation, he emerged as a top scorer, and achieved with his Al-Ahly team the Egyptian league title 7 times and 3 cup championships, the African Champions League title 5 times and 4 Super Cup, and was crowned twice with the African Cup of Nations with the Egyptian national team.

Wael Gomaa: he is one of the best players in the center of defense that Egyptian, Arab and African football has known, and one of the most prominent who have won titles locally and abroad, as he won the league title with Al-Ahly 8 times and the Cup championship three times, and contributed to obtaining three titles for the African Cup of Nations with his country's national team, and won the African Champions League and the Super Cup six times.

Younis Mahmoud: one of the stars of Iraqi football, he excelled as an attacking player scorer locally and abroad, and his most notable achievements during his football career were full of giving and excellence when he played for many clubs in Qatar, and he shone strongly with Al Gharafa team, with whom he was crowned the league title three times, and won the title of top scorer of the Qatari league three times as well, and played with his national team 148 international matches, and led it to be crowned the AFC Asian Cup title 2007 and won the best player award in the tournament.

The Spanish Xavi Hernandez: one of the Legends of world football, he is one of the best midfielders and playmakers throughout the history of football, the current Barcelona player and coach, and the former Qatari Al Sadd player and coach because of this, he has a great relationship with Qatari football, and his most outstanding achievements in his immortal football career with Barcelona were winning the Spanish league title eight times, the Champions League three times, the Club World Cup twice, and was crowned with the Spanish national team with the title of World Cup 2010, and the title of European Nations twice.

Brazilian Cafu: the former captain of the Brazilian national team and one of the legends of Brazilian football, and one of the most prominent players who carried the badge of the Brazilian national team, stood out in the right-back position as the best who played in this position throughout history, and achieved many great achievements during his long career in football more than 20 titles, most notably the World Cup twice, and the league title, and he was also crowned with Milan with the title of Champions League 2007.

The Dutchman Ronald de Boer: one of the most famous legendary players in Dutch football, his stardom appeared with the Netherlands national team and the AjAx Amsterdam club, with whom he was crowned the Champions League title in 1995, he played for the Spanish Barcelona and Scottish Rangers, and he has a strong connection with Qatari football, as he moved to Qatar, where he finished his football career when he played for Al Rayyan and Al Shamal clubs.

Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o: he is considered one of the greatest players of Cameroon and Africa throughout history, and one of the most outstanding football strikers known to the international stadiums, represented Cameroon at the World Cup, won the title of the best player in Africa four times as a record, won the African Cup of Nations title twice with his country's national team, and the gold of the 2000 Olympics, starred with Barcelona and Inter Milan and was crowned with Barcelona with the league title three times and the European champions title twice, and with Inter Milan he won the league and European Champions titles once, moved to play with the Qatar club in Qatar at the end of his football career, he currently heads the Cameroonian Football Federation.

Australian Tim Cahill: he is the best player in the history of Australia, he is the legend of Australian football and the top scorer in the history of the Australian national team, he played 108 international matches during which he scored 50 goals, contributed to the qualification of his national team four times to the World Cup, he played outside Australia and stood out with the English team Everton 2004 2012 by playing 268 matches in various tournaments during which he scored 68 goals, and currently works as director of sports affairs at Aspire Academy in Qatar.


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