Conclusion of Second Local Camel Race

2022-10-04 | Since 8 Month

Camel Race

Doha, 4 October 2022 - The competitions for the second local race of purebred Arabian camels for the season 2022-2023 which was organized by the Camel Racing Committee in Al Shahaniya, were concluded during the morning period for 10 consecutive days, with a large participation of fans of this traditional sport.
The competitions of the 10th and final day of the race were strong and exciting, and witnessed the establishment of 10 runs for Al Hail and Al Zamoul, 6 runs for Al Hail , and 4 runs for Al Zamoul for a distance of 5 kilometers.
Al Messila, the king of the Al Mirqab camel, managed to win the title of the first half of the main tricks, after taking the lead in the race, cutting the race distance in a time of 8 minutes, 14 seconds and 16 parts of a second, leaving the runner-up to "Wa-laa" camel, of HE Sheikh Jassim bin Saud bin Fahad Al-Thani, who ran the race in 8 minutes, 16 seconds and 26 parts of a second.
On the other hand, the organizing committee for the camel race announced that the registration for the first stage of the third local race will start next Saturday, and will continue for 3 consecutive days.
The competitions for the first stage of the third local race will start on Oct. 12, with open meet runs over a distance of 4 kilometers, while open races will be held in the evening of the same day.
The competitions will continue on Oct. 13, with general events running over a distance of 3 km, over the morning and evening periods.
On October 14, the general meeting runs will be held at a distance of 4 km, and the competitions of the first stage will conclude on Oct. 16 with the holding of the jazz competitions for the open runs over a distance of 5 km during the morning period. The second stage of the third local race will start on Oct. 20 this year, and it continues until the 22nd of it.


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