WISH Executive Chair: Hosting FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is Source of Pride for Highly Ambitious Qatar

2022-10-05 | Since 2 Month

Prof. the Lord Darzi of Denham

Doha, 5 October 2022 - Executive Chair of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) Prof. the Lord Darzi of Denham affirmed that hosting a tournament the size of the football world cup in an Arab country for the first time in history is a source of pride to the State of Qatar, pointing out that sport is a source of joy and power that unifies the world in the time of crises and division and Qatar welcomes its visitors and the fans of this game with their diverse nationalities after it has harnessed the full potential for them and the whole world to enjoy this premium tournament.

In his remark before the conference, Denham stressed the significant role undertaken by WISH in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout through sharing the ideas and experiences among the professionals in the health and pharmacy fields from various world countries, hailing in this regard the unlimited support WISH summit is receiving from HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and HE Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation (QF) Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al-Thani.

He added that World Health Organization (WHO) hailed multiple times the significant steps the State of Qatar has made in the area of health which made Doha healthy par excellence, as the State of Qatar did not hesitate to help other countries, pointing out that one of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums will be dismantled and distributed to the needy countries, reviewing the substantial efforts exerted to protect humanity from COVID-19 pandemic, noting the efforts exerted to counter this illness despite its ferocity, including the work of the ministries of health in all world countries, medical and pharmacy enterprises that exerted maximum efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and expedite the provision of vaccines to further counter the illness.

Lord Darzi clarified that the pandemic has taught the world the equality and equity in distributing the vaccines to the citizens and providing health care with different methods and has also granted them the ability to adapt, be ready and prepare for any potential menace that could pose a threat to their health, considering that humanity has become more interactive than ever before to illnesses, and more concerned with prevention in lieu of a cure, including the innovation of solutions in overcoming the challenges, hoping that his joint ambitions would be achieved and to show the world that cooperation and coordination make people more able to counter the challenges and build the future.

For his part, the keynote speaker at the conference, Co-founder of the biotechnology company 'Moderna' Noubar Afeyan spoke about science and its association with imagination and innovation, including his company's role in converting this imagination into reality through utilizing digital technology, pointing out to the significance of envisioning the future and the status in which it will be, as well as setting the solutions for the anticipated challenges and methods of countering them.

Noubar Afeyan noted the major investments and the enormous funds his company has spent to innovate a technology that helped it to win its war against Coronavirus, announcing that his company is committed to distributing the vaccines and affording them to all people, in addition to developing the potential for the sake of providing them to the middle-income countries, pointing out that the company is currently working to produce vaccines to contagious diseases and finding cures for numerous diseases through harnessing the technology, and constantly upgrade it, noting the importance of determining the goals, comprehending the reality and handling the disease proactively, prior to its spread through prevention and boosting the human body to be capable of facing any potential development in pandemics. 


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