Ministry of Sports and Youth Organizes Training Course in Time Management, Basics of Decision Making

2022-10-17 | Since 2 Month

Ministry of Sports and Youth

Doha, 17 October 2022 - The Ministry of Sports and Youth organized on Monday a training course "Time Management and the Basics of Decision Making" at Al Reyada Center for Girls, with the participation of 27 employees from various sectors in the country.

The course, which was presented by the coach Nasser Al Malki and will continue until Oct. 20, is a continuation of a series of programs organized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth during the last period, targeting the Qatari employee, including the secretarial program and the integrated management skills program for administrative staff.

Nasser Al Malki said the course that was presented today discussed three main themes: time management, problem solving, and decision-making, pointing out that this training course is offered to most male and female employees who have been promoted in their workplaces.

The Ministry of Sports and Youth in cooperation with various state authorities, has worked during the last period to provide a set of training programs and courses, including those specialized in training in administrative skills, and others for administrative researchers. 


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