International Praise of Qatar's Readiness to Host World's Biggest Football Event

2022-11-06 | Since 4 Week

 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Doha, 6 November 2022 - With the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 approaching, the enthusiasm continues to rise and the ceiling of expectations continues to surge, as football fans, whether athletes or politicians around the world, gather that the World Cup will be a unique event of its kind, in light of what has been revealed from the Amazing organizational details and unprecedented equipment, calling for the need to appreciate Qatar's efforts and keenness to organize an exceptional tournament that millions of fans from all over the world will enjoy.
At the same time, politicians stress the need to keep the World Cup a sporting event and an opportunity for world people to meet and interact.
In this context, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium Hadja Lahbib sees the need to separate politics from sports, calling for the need to support Qatar's efforts in improving workers' conditions.
Lahbib indicated in a statement to the Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure that most European countries will send ministerial delegations to Doha, considering that not attending the World Cup would be completely ineffective and purely ideological.
The Belgian Foreign Minister stressed that Qatar is a geopolitical and energy partner that cannot be ignored, which is located on one of the largest gas reserves in the world, and which has had a cooperation contract with Belgium for 25 years.
For his part, European Parliament Member Marc Tarabella stressed the importance of appreciating the efforts made by Qatar during the World Cup hosting preparations process, which included many reforms, especially in the field of workers' rights.
Tarabella said during his intervention within the program, QATAR 2022, that Doha has introduced many reforms to its labor laws with the help of human rights non-governmental organizations and the International Labor Organization (ILO), stressing the need to show support and encourage Qatar for the various steps it has taken in this regard.
In turn, politician and President of the Belgian Reformist Movement party Georges-Louis Bouchez urged not to miss the opportunity to follow the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, praising the reforms undertaken by Qatar since it won the honor of hosting the World Cup.
In an interview with the Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure, Bouchez called for standing by Qatars side in its hosting of the World Cup, which will be held for the first time ever in the Arab region, remarking that if one wants to push Qatar towards progress, one must cooperate with it, not confront it.
For his part, the Italian former Al Gharafa Sports Club Coach Andrea Stramaccioni confirms that Qatar is ready to host a tournament of this importance and receive millions of fans from all over the world.
Stramaccioni said in an interview with the Italian sports newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport that everyone is curious and excited, with this event having an amazing organizational dimension, and could perhaps be unique.
He stated that based on what Qatar has revealed so far indicates that it will organize a World Cup that pays attention to the smallest details, indicating that Qatar has been preparing to launch this event for several months, by taking several measures and implementing several plans, such as closing schools and stopping the issuing tourist visas.


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