Qatar 2022: Qatar Full of Determination as it Embarks on Historic World Cup Challenge

2022-11-13 | Since 3 Week

Qatar Team

Doha, 12 November 2022 - Thanks to the determination and spirit of its players and their insistence on writing history, the Qatari national team will begin its first-ever World Cup campaign in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, facing strong and experienced teams, led by the Netherlands, which has a great history, Ecuador, the emerging power in the South American continent, in addition to Senegal, the champion of Africa.
Although Qatar never reached a World Cup before, they remain the Asian champions. They adopted a successful strategy of developing young sporting talents in Aspire, which ultimately helped them secure their champions status.
The ambition of qualifying for the second round always accompanies the host countries of the World Cup, especially if they are from outside the major football powers, but in the case of Qatar, its team has a factor that no other team in its group has, which is the correct upbringing on football sciences, in addition to the fact that most of its elements work in harmony Tam with each other 10 years ago.
This complete harmony between the players of Qatar turned them into a solid team that defied the odds at a young age to win the 2015 Asian Youth Cup in Myanmar, and then qualify for the World Youth Cup in New Zealand.
In confirmation of the methodical, institutional approach to sports, the team continued with most of its core players and looked to develop further. they competed to qualify for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil 2016, but couldnt get over the line after losing that opportunity to their Iraqi counterpart.
The Qatari ambition did not stop at the youth level, they participated in the Asian Championship U-23 and came third, proving the team was on the right track.
Following the same vision and principles, the Spanish youth team coach Felix Sanchez was promoted to lead the first team, effectively leading the same team he coached at the youth level. This helped ensure the players continue their development. Those efforts were crowned with winning the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, amid outstanding performance, unlimited ambition and a solid will to achieve victories.
The Qatari team can string a few surprises in the World Cup, as it made in the 2019 Asian Cup, and launched it in the same year to participate in the Copa America, which is the stronghold of the World Cup champions.
While the world waxes lyrical over the Qatari team, the Qatari team's participation in the European qualifiers for the World Cup with strong European teams like Portugal, Ireland, Serbia, Luxembourg, and Azerbaijan, helped the team gain valuable experiences. The Qatari team was the first Arab team to participate in the Gold Cup organized by the CONCACAF. The team came close to winning the competition, with only bad luck knocking them out of the semi-finals.
In its first World Cup experience, Qatar will heavily rely on its promising players who were cultivated at Aspire and are characterized by their strong character and love dedication to their national team. 


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