FIFA President at G-20 Summit Highlights Football's Ability to Unite the World

2022-11-16 | Since 3 Week

 Gianni Infantino

Bali, 15 November 15 2022 - FIFA President Gianni Infantino stressed that football has an ability to unite the world, renewing his call to leaders for calling for dialogue as a first step to ending the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
He highlighted that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 presents a unique opportunity, during his speech at the G-20 summit in Bali.
"My plea, to all of you, is to think on a temporary ceasefire, for one month, for the duration of the FIFA World Cup, or at least the implementation of humanitarian corridors, or anything that could lead to the resumption of dialogue as a first step to peace. You are the world leaders; you have the ability to influence the course of history," he said.
He said that the World Cup will reach five billion people, representing a unique opportunity to unite the international community through an unmatched Global event. 


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