Gulf 25/ Qatar lose to Bahrain 1-2

2023-01-11 | Since 5 Month

Qatar lose to Bahrain 1-2

Basra, 11 January 2023 -  The Qatari national football team lost to its Bahraini counterpart 1-2 at Al-Minaa International Stadium in the second round of Group B competitions of the Arab Gulf Football Cup (Gulf 25).

Although the Qatari team advanced first through Ahmed Alaa in the 34th minute, the Bahraini team was able to equalize in the 72nd minute before scoring the second goal in the 89th minute from a penalty kick.

The Qatari team's balance remained at three points in the second place behind the Bahraini team in the first place with six points, while Kuwaiti team finished in third place with three points and finally the UAE team in the last place with zero points.

By this result the decision to qualify in this group was postponed to the last round which will be held on Friday, when the Qatari team will play against UAE, and Bahrain will face Kuwait.


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