Chairman of Sport Day Activities Organizing Committee at Aspire Zone: We Are Keen to Present Distinguished Edition

2023-02-13 | Since 1 Year

 Sheikh Mohammed bin Fahad Al-Thani

Doha, 13 February 2023 - HE Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the National Sport Day activities at the Aspire Zone Foundation Sheikh Mohammed bin Fahad Al-Thani affirmed that the Foundation carries out many tasks and roles aimed at promoting community development, devoting the culture of sports, and promoting the concept of a healthy life, out of its belief in the role of sport in changing the lives of people and developing societies, explaining that Aspire Zone has put the final touches on the activities of the 12th edition of the National Sport Day, which will be held Tuesday.

There is great keenness to present an extraordinary edition, which all members of society can enjoy, and find in it what meets their needs and requirements, HE said, pointing out that the Aspire Zone Foundation has become the heart of sports in Qatar, and organizes many events throughout the year that attract thousands to practice physical activity in an atmosphere full of entertainment and enthusiasm, and within facilities that are unparalleled in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE said that the new edition of the Sport Day witnesses the organization of more than 10 competitions and various sporting events distributed in its open stadiums. Stadium No. 10 in the center of Aspire Park will host many football and volleyball competitions, as well as talent shows, martial arts classes in Taekwondo and Tae Boxing under the supervision of professional trainers, in addition to the various events area inside this park, which is one of the finest sports facilities and services in the world, as it provides all the needs of athletes and community members alike, as well as more than 22 entities that hold their own events in the Aspire Zone facilities, he added.

He continued to say that in addition to the activities inside Aspire Park, the Foundation organizes some activities in the vicinity of Al Bayt Stadium Park in Al Khor City, which will include about 12 participating parties in various sports and cultural events that serve the community, including football matches, padel tournaments, cycling and more.

He added that every year, the Aspire Zone Foundation is distinguished by holding various events. This year, which is held under the slogan of the National Sports Day, "The Choice is Yours", events and activities have been selected based on what suits all the needs of the community members. The Foundation also focuses on following a healthy lifestyle, in order to maintain their fitness and raise awareness of exercising and taking it as a permanent approach.

He pointed out that the relationship between the National Sport Day and the Aspire Zone is exceptional, given the close connection between the Sport Day message and the Foundation's message, adding that Aspire Zone is a key partner with the Organizing Committee, which aims to improve sports performance, invest in sports and practice physical activity as an effective means for individuals to adopt an active healthy lifestyle and learn about specialized sports. He noted that this day has become a huge national festival, in which all institutions and agencies working in the country seek to participate in it and interact with the public on the ground.

Concluding his interview with QNA, HE stressed that the Sport Day aims to advance society at a health level, which will have positive results and reduce financial burdens in the health sector.

The Aspire Zone Foundation invited all members of society in Qatar to participate in the Sport Day, and enjoy the integrated sports services provided by the institution, which make sports and physical activity an unparalleled pleasure.

The State of Qatar celebrated the National Sport Day for the first time in February 2012, after the issuance of Amiri Resolution No. 80 of 2011, that Tuesday of the second week of February of each year be a National Sport Day. It is also a paid vacation, during which ministries, other government agencies, and public bodies and institutions organize sporting events in which employees and their families participate, to achieve awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the lives of individuals and societies.

All state institutions participate in this sporting event, so that Qatar becomes a large stadium in which tens of thousands of citizens and residents from all segments of society practice many types of sports. The State of Qatar is a pioneer in organizing a sport day in the region and the world, as some countries have begun to organize a sport day similar to Qatar, given its importance to the individual and society.

The Sport Day is receiving great attention, as this distinguished event has become well received by all who live in Qatar of all ages, citizens and residents, who are keen to spend a distinguished sport day embraced by all regions of the country. 


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