Various Sport Events for Qatari Women to Take Place in Ramadan

2023-03-21 | Since 1 Year

 Qatar Women's Sports Committee

Doha, 21 March 2023 - Qatar Women's Sport Committee (QWSC) is keen in its Ramadan activities to provide the opportunity for women to enjoy activities during the holy month of Ramadan, after the committee succeeded over the past years in achieving a positive association between the holy month and sports.

As part of the committee's preparations for the activities targeting women and girls during the holy month, two competitions will be organized in padel in cooperation with Padel Qatar from March 26 to 29. The committee also announced that it is in the process of organizing Ramadan activities in cooperation with Qatar Sports for All Federation (QSFA) in two tournaments; the first is for indoor football, and the second is for volleyball, as part of the joint cooperation between the federation and the committee. Registration to participate in these events is expected to witness a high turnout.

President of Qatar Women's Sports Committee Lolwa Al Marri told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the committee has close cooperation with a number of institutions in the country in organizing sport events for women, and based on the success and great turnout in previous years, it continues this cooperation during the holy month of Ramadan in organizing competitions in padel, volleyball, and indoor football, out of the belief in the importance of sport.

Al Marri added that the committee's message is that all girls and women in Qatar have the opportunity to benefit from the participation in sports, with a focus on providing them with opportunities to participate in sports activities and to make them part of their lives.

In the same context, Executive Director of the committee Amna Al Qasimi said that QWSC is keen, in all its sports and community activities, to provide an integrated environment for women and girls, especially during the holy month, to enjoy a distinguished package of activities designated for them.

She noted that the committee's goals are based on encouraging women to participate in sports and improving their lives.

Al Qasimi added that mothers can participate in various sports activities with their kids in Ramadan through fitness competitions.

QWSC's Executive Director hailed the turnout in the past years for the events organized by the committee, stressing that registration in the events organized by the committee in Ramadan is available to age groups from 16 years and above. She also appreciated the great role that the committee plays with sports institutions in the country, in order to organize special competitions for women during Ramadan.

On the other hand, the Qatar Golf Association will organize a competition during the holy month, part of which will be devoted to women.

Female golf player in Qatar's national golf team Yasmin Al Sharshani affirmed that she is keen to practice in sports during Ramadan in order to maintain her physical fitness.

Moreover, Qatar Shooting & Archery Association will organize competitions in Ramadan with the participation of the Qatari women's team. In this context, national team female shooter Reem Al Sharshani said that every year she participates in the competitions organized by the Association in Ramadan, in order to maintain her physical fitness, especially in this holy month.

She added that she is preparing to participate in many competitions during the current year. Therefore, she is keen to train during Ramadan in order to be in perfect readiness for local and international participation.

Former Qatari national team female archer Nada Zeidan noted that continuing to practice sports during Ramadan is very necessary for women to keep the body active, avoid gaining weight and overcome laziness.

She stressed that during Ramadan, diet habits of the fasting person change, therefore, exercise plays a major role in eliminating lethargy, avoiding fatigue and activating muscles, in addition to rebalancing the components within the body, adding that exercising during a fasting state burns more fat.

Nada Zeidan pointed out that doing light exercise before Iftar for a period of time ranging from 45 minutes to a maximum of an hour is important, especially in archery sport. She added that she will supervise training and events for archery as part of Ramadan activities that will be organized by Al Shaqab, a member of Qatar Foundation.

Qatari dressage rider Wejdan Al Malki underlined that during Ramadan she will attend a training camp in order to prepare for international participation, through which she seeks to obtain the highest classification points that enable her to qualify for the next Olympic Games (Paris 2024).

Wejdan Al Malki stressed the importance of sports during Ramadan to maintain physical and mental fitness. 


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