QFA Organizes Training Workshop to Reveal Talents Within Global FIFA Project

2023-04-15 | Since 2 Month

Training Workshop

Doha, 15 April 2023 - The Development Department of the Qatar Football Association organized a training workshop to detect talents in football, which was attended by many budding coaches (U11 and 12 years old) in clubs, and technical supervisors in the department, as part of the FIFA Global Project for the Development of Talents in Football.

The workshop focused on the need to give talents a full opportunity for their abilities to explode, and it also included many important axes during the lecture delivered by Director of the Development Department Director at the Association Fahad Thani al Zaraa especially with regard to identifying the concept of talent, and the path of developing players to reach the level of professionals.

During the lecture, Al Zaraa also talked about focusing on the most important challenges of effective detection of talent, addressing some important points, including the relative age and how it greatly affects the selection of players, maturity, whether it is early, late or on time, and its impact on the selection of players.

Discovering promising talents is a priority in many countries, where specialized programs are established to identify and refine them from an early age, which applies to the approach applied by the Qatar Football Association through many influential programs.

It is worth noting that the FIFA Global Football Talent Development Project is a program that aims to improve, grow and develop talent around the world, raise competitiveness, and increase the number of national teams capable of playing at the highest level.


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