Director of Youth Affairs: Qatar's National Youth Policy Will Achieve Significant Gains

2023-05-04 | Since 1 Month

Maha Al Rumaihi

Doha, 4 May 2023 - Director of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports Maha Al Rumaihi praised the esteemed decision made by cabinet to approve Qatar's National Youth Policy during its meeting that will achieve significant gains towards a promising future for youth.
In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Rumaihi noted the unwavering efforts of the work team tasked with setting the policy for nearly two years, with the participation of 66 entities concerned with youth affairs in Qatar such as ministries, public and semi-public enterprises, along with the engagement of other institutions and international organizations such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), UNECEF and youth policy lab.
Prior to this, the policy engaged thousands of Qatari youth across the country with all their wide spectrums who provided their opinion and counseling, in their vote to choose policy themes, she added, pointing out that 1500 male and female young people have already participated in the questionnaire of the seven policy themes.
She went on to say that a roughly 3000 young males and females responded to the questionnaire, including the participation of 1000 young males and females in the focus group, where they gave their opinions and feedback regarding the policy issues and themes, in addition to their participation in reviewing the policy draft to verify the conformity of its findings with their opinions and aspirations.
Director of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports concluded her statement to QNA by asserting that Qatar's national policy will have a profound impact on promoting youth entrepreneurship in Qatar, as well as achieving the comprehensive youth development at various levels, through an ambitious action program which is poised to be completed soon with the engagement of all relevant entities to achieve the policy objectives in all its themes. She said that youth will have an instrumental role in laying out the program and following-up on its implementation.
The cabinet approved on Wednesday the draft Qatar National Youth Policy that was set by the Ministry of Sports and Youth with the engagement of a number of public and private entities, including committees and youth centers.
The Qatar National Youth Policy comes in compliance with the vision of the wise leadership of the State of Qatar that aims to build Qatari human and bolster the engagement of the next generation in the economic, social and political fields as a framework of the leadership's quest for a promising future for youth.
The policy obviously doubles down on Qatar's commitment to care for youth issues and identify their needs and priorities.
The program offers its work to essentially distribute the required resources equally to fulfill these needs, based on a real approach that has indications to engage youth in decision-making processes in their own country through steadfast engagement in setting and implementing this policy.


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