QOC holds workshop on Knowledge Management

2023-05-16 | Since 3 Week

QOC holds workshop on Knowledge Management

Doha, 16 May 2023 - Knowledge Management Unit at the QOC’s Strategy & Management Department  held a one-day workshop on principles of knowledge management for employees at the QOC building on Tuesday.

The one day workshop was attended by 16 employees , representing  different QOC’s departments, sections and units.

Ms.  Lolwa Al-Kuwari,  Head of Knowledge Management Unit  delivered a  productive presentation to trainees on the key concepts of  Knowledge Management,  knowledge elements, ways of promoting knowledge, importance of knowledge for  institutions and knowledge management system and plans.

This workshop aims to promote knowledge culture among  all employees from different QOC’s departments, sections and units, that  with purpose of upgrading  employee’s administrative efficiency and improving his/her cognitive ability in a way to serve the interest of institutional work.

Tuesday’s workshop  was just a first step of a series of workshops to come in the frame of implementing the  knowledge  system that represents one of vital objectives of  the QOC’s strategy 2023-2030.


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