AIPS Asia Vice-President , Aljazeera Media Institute Director discuss joint cooperation

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2023-06-01 | Since 1 Year

AIPS Asia Vice-President , Aljazeera Media Institute Director discuss joint cooperation

Doha, 1 June 2023 - AIPS Asia Vice-President, Mubarak Alboainin, on Wednesday met with Aljazeera Media Institute Director, Eman Al Amri, in Doha.

The meeting discussed partnership and cooperation in training sports reporters, sharing press expertise and making use of programs conducted by the institute in different press fields.

AIPS is satisfied with programs delivered by Aljazeera Media Institute, Alboainin said, very proud with the Institute as a key arm for training reporters within a leading Press Institute, Aljazeera Network.

The Institute has a key role in introducing many new journalists in different media outlets local, regional , and international, he added.

AIPS Asia "looks forward to making wider benefit from the Institute's expertise in improving press skills and how to deal with modern media outlets and artificial intelligence." 

Alboainin briefed Al Amri on AIPS Asia different activities and the Qatari Sports Press Committee's role in supporting sports reporters and facilitating their missions during sport competitions. 

On her part, the Institute's Director welcomed AIPS Asia representatives, and expressed her interest in joint cooperation in improving sports reporters' capacities.

Ms. Al Amri gave short brief on courses and programs delivered by Aljazeera Media Institute as part of its annual plan.

Sports media is of a great importance, being the mirror that reflects sports institutions' activities, she said.

It is one of the Institute's priorities to contribute improving the skills of joirnalist and providing them with tools and expertise required media, through lectures and practical training, she added.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to develop a draft plan for joint cooperation between Aljazeera Media Institute, AIPS Asia and Qatari Sports Press Committee.

The meeting was attended by member of AIPS Asia Marketing and Investment Committee, Basheer Senan, Planning and Projects Manager at the Aljazeera Institute, Hamad Al Marri, and Business & Development  Planning and Projects  at the Institute, Hani Abdelgalil.



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