Aspetar Develops Groundbreaking Focal Shockwave Therapy for Sports Injury Treatments

2023-06-18 | Since 1 Year


Doha, 18 June 2023 - Aspetar, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital has developed groundbreaking focal shockwave therapy for sports injury treatments.

Through cutting edge-technology, the advanced treatment modality is transforming tissue repair and pain reduction in sports-related injuries, making a significant impact on athletes and individuals.

Shockwave therapy harnesses the power of acoustic waves to deliver energy through the tissue to the targeted anatomical location, triggering both mechanical and biochemical cellular responses.

By doing so, it stimulates tissue repair and modulates pain, providing a non-invasive alternative to traditional treatment options.

Aspetar's Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Aston Ngai said that the benefits of shockwave therapy over traditional treatment options are many, since not only is it non-invasive, but it also possesses tissue regenerative properties and offers pain relief. He noted that athletes can typically resume their physical activities without prolonged rest.

Studies have shown that shockwave therapy yields better outcomes when combined with physical therapy, making it a comprehensive approach to sports injury rehabilitation, he said.

Aspetar's vision for the future encompasses a range of exciting plans to further enhance its services, introduce new equipment, and expand its clinics. A multidisciplinary approach integrating shockwave therapy with Orthobiologics, including Platelet Rich Plasma and Adipose Tissue-Derived Medicinal Signaling cells, as well as Cartilage Restorative surgery and Rehabilitation, is set to take tissue repair and pain reduction to unprecedented levels. By leveraging these synergistic treatments, Aspetar aims to optimize patient outcomes.

While shockwave therapy presents a remarkable treatment option, there are some potential risks or side effects. Patients may experience mild pain during treatment, along with petechiae (fine red-colored spots on the skin), mild swelling, dizziness, or, in rare cases, tendon rupture at very high energy levels.

However, under the expertise of Aspetar's highly skilled medical team, these risks are closely monitored and managed to ensure patient safety.

Aspetar, which was first opened in Doha in 2007, is the world's leading hospital in orthopedics and sports medicine, and the first of its kind in the Middle East. The hospital provides comprehensive and high-level treatment services for all athletes, through modern facilities established according to international standards in this field.

It was officially accredited in 2009 as part of the AFC's Medical Centre of Excellence by the International Association Football Federation (FIFA).

In 2013, Aspetar was accredited as a Gulf Reference Centre by the Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for GCC States. It was also accredited as a research center to prevent injury and preserve the health of athletes in 2014 by the International Olympic Committee.

In 2015, the International Handball Federation announced the accreditation of Aspetar as a reference center for handball players and referees around the world. In the same year, Aspetar was awarded the platinum-level accreditation certificate from the Accreditation Canada International.

The hospital is one of the constituent bodies of Aspire Zone Foundation, and the preferred destination for practicing sports activity and healthy lifestyle in Qatar and the region. 


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