Qatar Olympic Committee Celebrates 2023 Olympic Day

2023-06-24 | Since 1 Year

Qatar Olympic Committee Celebrates 2023 Olympic Day

Doha, 24 June 2023- The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) celebrated the 2023 Olympic Day with a spectacular community engagement event at the Mall of Qatar. The event captivated attendees of all ages, offering a range of exciting activities and a special panel discussion featuring three Team Qatar Olympians.

The Olympic Day event proved to be a memorable occasion for kids and younger age groups, providing them with an opportunity to engage in various fun-filled activities and learn more about the Olympic Movement and its history. Participants were able to experience the Olympic spirit firsthand while enjoying interactive games, engaging challenges, and thrilling competitions. The event aimed to inspire the younger generation and promote the importance of physical activity, sportsmanship, and the Olympic values in line with this year's theme: #LetsMove.

Highlighting the event's significance, a special panel discussion took place, featuring three esteemed Team Qatar Olympians: Fares Ibrahim, Team Qatar Weightlifter and Tokyo 2020 Gold Medalist; Nada Mohammed Wafa, Team Qatar swimmer and two time Olympian; and Beshayer Al Menwari, Team Qatar track and field athlete. These remarkable athletes shared their inspiring stories from their Olympic careers, emphasizing the values of the Olympic Movement. The panel discussion provided a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the dedication, resilience, and determination required to excel at the Olympic level.

Fares Ibrahim, Team Qatar's Weightlifting star, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Olympic Day to me is a celebration of sport and its power to inspire and bring people together from diverse backgrounds. It is an honor to be part of this event and share the Olympic values with young athletes. I hope our stories and experiences encourage them to pursue their dreams and embrace the positive impact of sports in their lives." In addition to the enriching panel discussion, the Olympic Day event also featured competitions with prizes provided by Store 974 and Alif Bookstore. These exciting giveaways added an extra element of joy and excitement to the event, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the spirit of the Olympic Movement. The Qatar Olympic Committee remains committed to organizing events that inspire and engage the community, promoting the positive impact of sports in Qatar and beyond. 


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