Dahlan Al Hamad wins third term as AAA President

2023-07-13 | Since 2 Month

HE Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad

Bangkok, 13 July 2023 - The Asian Athletics Association (AAA) General Assembly announced that HE Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad has won a new term by acclamation as AAA president which ends in 2027.

His win for a third term came following two terms during which he achieved a paradigm shift in the AAA when he was elected in 2013, in half an election cycle in India.

Subsequently he was re-elected in 2015 in Wuhan, China, and won the elections in 2019 in Doha.

The 25th edition of AAA General Assembly convened in Bangkok, Thailand with the participation of 44 associations from 45 ones forming Asia.

The assembly convened in the presence of President of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Lord Sebastian Coe, European Athletics President Dobromir Karamarinov, along with a host of heads of continental federations from Africa, North and South America and the Caribbean, as well as a contingent of Asian sports figures from former athletes.

The AAA General Assembly elected new 8 members for its board amid a powerful electoral competition among 16 members who were nominated to join the board for the upcoming session that ends in 2027.

HE Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad expressed his happiness for this win, adding that he appreciates the big confidence prioritized by Asia considering such confidence an absolute in the people of Qatar who work in sports at all levels. 

HE Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad affirmed that the big work in Asia would achieve success for the AAA in the present and future, adding that he is determined to achieve his vision in the run-up-to a new era for Asia, applauding the efforts made by Asian associations in the past, along with their keenness to proceed with this work which achieved numerous successes for Asia both at the global and Olympic levels of its participation.

He pointed out that the intention of associations to achieve the Asia vision 2030 had a consequential impact on Asian people's successes to reap Olympic and global Medals, underscoring that Asia has a bright future considering the exerted efforts.

Al Hamad offered his vision for the upcoming period, adding that he will be keen to proceed with the work and keep up with the evolution in all AAA activities, prioritizing women's role in the upcoming period, indicating that by 2027, Asia will have an administrative presence at the level of women's engagement with 50 percent paving the way for them to upgrade the capabilities of female champions culminating in complete excellence for Asia.

For his part, President of IAAF Lord Sebastian Coe congratulated Asia for Al Hamad's winning, adding that his efforts were clear in the evolution Asia has undergone at all levels, outlining that Asia has achieved many successes as a continent that abounds with human resources and a bright future in light of the institutional work Asia carries out under the supervision and presidency of Dahlan Al Hamad. He also lauded the high value of athletics games in Asia considering it an indicative of excellence, pointing to the big enthusiasm in developing talents based on the intended vision.


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