Arab Games Algeria 2023: QHA President Hails Golden Achievement Made by Qatar Team

2023-07-16 | Since 11 Month

Ahmed Al Shaabi

Algiers, 16 July 2023 - President of the Qatar Handball Association (QHA) Ahmed Al Shaabi expressed his happiness at Qatar team's win of the handball competition title in the Arab Games Algeria 2023 after beating Saudi Arabia 37-24 in the final game held in Oran.

Winning the first Arab title in the history of Qatari handball is a vital achievement to be added to the list of successes made by Qatar, notwithstanding the overwhelming challenges the team encountered, Al Shaabi said, adding that the results were based on the intended aspirations as the team showcased a striking level and won all games with only one loss in front of Algeria.

Qatari players were really champions who competed with a high spirit after they had realized that they would win the title and gain the Gold Medal in a challenging competition specially in the finals and semi-finals.

QHA President applauded the outstanding result made by the technical staff in dealing with competitors, appreciating the efforts exerted by the managerial staff in offering conducive and appropriate environments for the players to shine.

Assistant Secretary-General of the QHA Khalifa Tayseer underscored that the achievement made by the team was well-deserved despite the challenges they faced, including absence of players and injuries which compelled the coach to draw on young players.

The association is proud of the achievement made by Qatar who continues to shine by winning the Arab title for the first time, he said.

Leader of the Qatari team Wajdi Sinen said the striking level provided by the team gave a clear excellence to outperform competitors, especially in the final game where players exhibited an incredible performance and were very smart to handle the confrontation giving them a candid victory over a powerful team like Saudi Arabia which was about to win the title.

Sinen added that this landmark achievement is a gift to the Qatari people and handball fans, as the players are determined to exert intensive efforts to maintain the trailblazing at all levels. 


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