Valley Forge Academy Qatar Announces a Summer Training Program for Esports

2023-07-18 | Since 2 Month

The press conference

Doha, 18 July 2023 - Valley Forge Academy Qatar (VFAQ) launched a summer training program for esports, in cooperation with Quest Esports.

During a press conference at the academy building, the VFAQ unveiled the details of the training program and the partnership agreement with Quest Esports. The conference was attended by officials, representatives of media outlets and agencies, and the academy's board of directors.

The summer training program includes a wide range of innovative training programs and sports challenges that will give young players an opportunity to discover their true potential and improve their skills in esports. The training program will run from July 21 to August 21. Another program will also start next September.

Executive Director of Business Development at Quest Esports Ahmed Radwan stated that the summer training program is being held for the first time in Qatar, and the registration process will be open to all ages.

The program aims to create a platform that provides athletes with the opportunity to train at the highest level and gain valuable insights about the world of competitive esports.

In a statement, he added that an educational curriculum specialized in esports will be introduced for the first time in Qatar and applied in schools and universities as a new activity for students and participants.

The partnership with VFAQ comes within the framework of Quest Esports continuous efforts to enhance the level of professionalism and training in the world of esports and develop talented young players in this field.

The summer program provides trainees with the opportunity to get acquainted with professional players and experienced coaches, exchange knowledge and experiences with them, and provide a comprehensive and adventurous educational experience for ambitious young players in the field of esports, Radwan added.

He expressed his excitement for partnering with VFAQ and organizing major tournaments that would leave a positive impact on the ambitious and talented young players in the world of esports.

President of VFAQ Dr. Paul Milward Lea said that esports have become very popular among young people, and the training program provides them with the opportunity to acquire skills and enhance their talent.

He added that VFAQ looks forward to provide a comprehensive educational environment for all trainees in this summer program and provide high-quality programs through the opening of a special section for esports.

With the Quest Esports partnership, the academy will be able to establish local talents through support and training, and also further increase live competitions.

VFAQ seeks to promote esports in Qatar by bringing skilled people in the sports field to the world of esports, develop their capabilities and use comprehensive methods of evaluation, Dr. Lea said.


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