Al-Gannas Qatari Association to Participate in Larache International Festival on Tuesday

2023-07-25 | Since 2 Month

Al-Gannas Qatari Association

Doha, 25 July 2023 - Al-Gannas Qatari Society participates in the 11th edition of the Larache International Festival of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Morocco on July 25-30, 2023, as an honor guest in this festival which is considered a forum where cultures of Arab, African and Asian peoples converge.

President of Qatar Al-Qannas Association Ali bin Khatam Al Mahshadi will lead the Qatari delegation to the festival, alongside Vice President of Qatari Society of Al-Gannas Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al Misnad and a number of officials.

Commenting on this occasion, Al Mahshadi affirmed that the participation of Al-Gannas Qatari Association in this event comes within the framework of introducing the State of Qatar, propagating cultures and authentic Qatari customs, sharing cultures and acquiring expertise that would primarily promote the international interest in falconry heritage and traditional hunting as an authentic humanitarian heritage.

Al-Gannas is a key partner in Larache International Festival concerning its terms of reference, Al Mahshadi pointed out, adding that Al-Gannas will participate in a special pavilion on Wednesday dedicated to showcasing poetry majlis, along with an image exhibition related to a wide range of Al-Gannas activities.

He added that Al-Gannas is set to provide the essential information about the association, its terms of reference, objectives and achievements with respect to falconry in Qatar, especially that Qatar is one of the countries that supports this heritage, pointing out that it will participate in the activities of Larache International Festival on Tuesday evening and supervise the organization of falconry contests.

During a press conference, the organizing entity of Larache International Festival stressed the importance of the participation of Al-Gannas Qatari Association in this event to consolidate the joint relations with the Qatari people through Al-Gannas Qatari Association which participates in this festival for the tenth time respectively.


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