Record Set in Qatar for World's Longest LED slackline Walk

2023-07-31 | Since 12 Month

Jaan Roose

Doha, 31 July 2023 - Globally renowned Red Bull athlete Jaan Roose has completed the world's longest LED-lit, single-building slackline to cross one of Qatar's newest and most iconic architectural landmarks.

The Estonian national and three-time Slackline World Champion defied the odds by achieving the walk, titled "Sparkline," at the first attempt, walking the distance between the scimitar-shaped, Iconic Towers that are owned by Katara Hospitality and that are home to Raffles and Fairmont Doha in Lusail City.

Covering a distance of over 150 meters, the Sparkline walk is not only the longest on a single building, but also Jaan's second-highest walk to date at an elevation of more than 185 meters on a line just 2.5cm wide.

Speaking on the new world record set, Roose commented: "When I first saw the Iconic Towers, I knew this was a building that I had to walk. Anything worth achieving comes with its fair share of challenges, and I'm proud to complete this one." "The Iconic Towers are an incredible place to be completing this feat and mark a very special visit for my first time in Qatar," Roose added.

The Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha are two luxury hotels that face each other in beautifully imposing structures shaped like scimitar swords. The towers are some of the latest to be added to Lusail City's expanding list of architectural marvels and create a distinct silhouette against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

Commenting on the project with Jaan Roose, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, Berthold Trenkel, said: "Qatar has built a sporting legacy for itself and is now a true hub for international sporting events. We're delighted to support the exhilarating slackline walk event and champion renowned athletes. By fostering a culture of athleticism, we strive to create opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills and reach new heights in their athletic careers.

In addition to its world-class sporting facilities, Qatar is home to a fresh and diverse suite of incredible hotels that make Qatar a global destination of choice for all travellers." Managing Director of Raffles and Fairmont Doha, Christian Hirt, expressed his excitement about the event being hosted at the Iconic Towers, saying "Raffles and Fairmont Doha have always celebrated the extraordinary, and this event embodies that spirit.

The project serves to underline our commitment to showcasing high-calibre talents that defy the impossible." Katara Hospitality's leadership commented: "We are proud of this activation, working alongside Qatar Tourism and Red Bull, as it exemplifies Katara Hospitality's commitment to utilizing the Iconic Towers as a powerful asset to promote tourism and enhance the destination's appeal.

Through this event, we aim to showcase the extraordinary capabilities of the Iconic Towers and position them as a symbol of Qatar's excellence in hospitality and entertainment." The Sparkline walk took place as part of an action-packed calendar of global events in Qatar.

With several key sporting events expected to take place in 2023, including Qatar MotoGP, AFC Asian Cup, Qatar Formula 1 Grand Prix, and Geneva International Motor Show, visitors can expect extraordinary sporting experiences in Qatar all year round.


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