President of Asian Athletics Association Announces Full Support to Asian Candidates in World Athletics Elections

2023-08-18 | Since 1 Month

Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad

Budapest, 18 August 2023 - HE President of the Asian Athletics Association Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad announced his full support for the continent's candidates in the World Athletics elections that will take place during the World Athletics Congress in the Hungarian capital Budapest on August, 18.

In exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Hamad said that the World Athletics Elections will be more competitive this time because of the large number of candidates, as 28 candidates are competing for 13 seats in the Council.

He added that his support for his continent as the President of the Asian Athletics Association comes as a priority to enable Asia to reach the best positions in the Council of the World Athletics, noting that Asia provide a high technical value for the game, in addition to a clear administrative value through Asian cadres that have proven their presence in the world.

Al Hamad confirmed that the elections for the position of Vice-President will witness strong competition among eight members from all continents of the world, as only four of them will be voted in, adding that among the candidates, there are two from the Asian continent, Prince Nawaf Bin Mohammed Al Saud of Saudi Arabia and the President of the Athletics Federation of India Adille Sumariwalla.

Al Hamad stressed the importance of coordination between the representatives of the federations in order to achieve success for the continent in the elections and the greatest amount of administrative gains that serve Asian athletics, noting that the Asian continent has many distinguished cadres that can provide a qualitative addition both technically and administratively for the continent.

Dahlan Jumaan Al Hamad presided on Wednesday over the meetings of representatives of federations participating in the work of the Congress. The meeting dealt with the lists of candidates and the regulations of the World Athletics that organize the elections.

Elections will be held on August, 18 to choose 4 Vice-Presidents and 13 individual Council Members, while the World Athletics Championships Budapest will be held on August 19-27. 


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