SIGA, Brazilian Government Sign MoU

2023-09-06 | Since 3 Week

 SIGA, Brazilian Government Sign MoU

São Paulo, 6 September 2023 - Day 3 of the Sport Integrity Week 2023 started with a bang in Brazil: São Paulo FC became the first Professional Football Club to join SIGA as member. The announcement was made in two steps: first in the words of Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA Global CEO, during the Opening Session of the Sport Integrity Forum Latin America; and in the last intervention of the day by Roberto Armelin, Legal and Compliance Officer of the club.

The breaking news helped end in a high note a day where dozens of high-level speakers shared their expertise and showed engagement with SIGA mission, while witnessing two more historical moments: the announcement that Yduqs will also become SIGA member, and the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between SIGA, SIGA LATIN AMERICA and the Brazilian Sports Ministry, represented in-person by the Minister Ana Moser.

SIGA further consolidates its presence in Latin America, and sees a growing number of like-minded individuals and organisations hold hands to pursue a common goal: create a new era of Sport Integrity.

During the day, the Morumbi Stadium, home of São Paulo FC, witnessed debates on topics like sustainability, the priorities regarding Sport for the Brazilian presidency of the G20/B20, Global Business, gender equity, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, among others.

SIGA also presented the 2023 version of the Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport, both in Portuguese and in English.

The day wouldn’t end without mixed teams of men and women playing the Integrity Game, at the iconic Morumbi Stadium.


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