QOC organises visit to HBKU to enhance employees experience and knowledge exchange

2023-10-03 | Since 2 Month

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Doha, 3 October 2023 - The Qatar Olympic Committee  has organized a two-day educational visit  to Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) to  enhance experience & knowledge exchange  between the two  organizations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the opening day of  the visit , the employees exchanged experience and knowledge on key topics including,  strategic plan development, strategic management framework, integrated annual planning process and, annual performance process and risk assessment and management.

This  visit   aims to help  the QOC employees  exchanging  experience and building up a valuable  knowledge with others . It also empowers the   QOC’s  young employees to get through  daily  challenges of work  and learning how to  apply the best administrative measures they learned into the QOC system.

 The visit  objectives come  in tune with  the strategic goal of the QOC Human Resources & Administrative Services Department :” Create  an attractive and   an ideal working environment for  better talents and experiences”.

Mrs. Noora Hussain Al-Ahbabi, head of  training and development unit,  said the  visit  comes as  an integral part of  the QOC’s  ongoing effort to achieve  sustainable development and  adopt   better measures that meets  the world standards and cope with the QOC’s vision that is derived from  2030 Qatar National Vision.

Most notably, the Qatar Olympic Committee spares no effort to improve  the professional and administrative level  of Qatari employees. To  this end, the QOC had organized  a number of programs and visits, namely post- FIFA World Cup 2022 experience exchange and knowledge transfer workshop  and  field visits to other organizations.

These programs will help developing the organizational and administrative abilities of Qatari employees during   major sport events , namely in  the fields of  mobility management,  communication & Media management, Security Services Management and  venue management, sustainability management,  manpower management, volunteers management, visitor event management, fan zone management.


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