President of QHA: Qualification for Paris 2024 Olympic Games Semi-Final New Step for Further Victories

2023-10-25 | Since 1 Month

Ahmed Al Shaabi

Doha,  25 October 2023 - President of the Qatar Handball Association (QHA) Ahmed Al Shaabi asserted that the qualification of the Qatari team for the Asian Men's Olympic Qualification Tournament for Paris 2024 Olympic Games, constitutes a new step towards achieving the major goal which is primarily winning the qualification card for the Olympic Tournament.

Al Shaabi said he is very glad for this qualification after the team achieved five consecutive victories in front of China, India, the Emirates, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, hoping the victories will continue through winning the most important game in the semi-finals in front of Bahrain, admonishing the Qatari players to maximize their sharp focus to arrive at the final game and make progress towards winning the qualification card.

President QHA hailed the support his team has been receiving from fans in the group league games, thanking them for generously supporting the team, adding that he wishes the support would continue in a best image in the semi-final game, because it will be the final confrontation.

Director of Qatar Handball Team Youssef Al Hail lauded this victory and said the Qatari team really deserves this qualification after making multiple victories in all games of the group league and topping G A after winning the full symbol. He added that the match in front of Bahrain will be extremely difficult because it requires a sharp focus to perform best to successfully attain the final.

The team must forget what had been accomplished in the previous matches and exclusively focus on the semi-finals in confronting Bahrain, Al Hail added, stressing that fans are required to continue their presence to provide support in the semi-final game, because crowd in that match is of paramount importance to take advantage of holding finals in Doha and making fans the core element that spurs the players. 


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