Aspetar International Rehabilitation Conference Kicks Off

2023-11-19 | Since 8 Month

Aspetar International Rehabilitation Conference

Doha, 19 November 2023 - The Aspetar International Rehabilitation Conference, a groundbreaking event dedicated exclusively to the rehabilitation of cruciate ligament injuries in the knee, commenced in Doha.

The conference has drawn over 400 participants from 58 countries, solidifying its status as the premier international platform for ACL Rehabilitation.

Opening Address by Abulaziz Al Kuwari, CEO of Aspetar: In his opening address, Abdul Aziz Al Kuwari, the CEO of Aspetar, welcomed participants and set the tone for an event that promises to redefine the landscape of ACL rehabilitation. Al Kuwari remarked, "Today marks a historic moment in sports medicine as we bring together global experts to advance the understanding and treatment of cruciate ligament injuries. Aspetar is proud to lead the charge in shaping the future of ACL rehabilitation."

Attendees represent a diverse spectrum of professionals, including physiotherapists from prestigious Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Brentford, Bournemouth, Wolverhampton, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, West Bromwich, Birmingham City), international football associations (Rangers FC, FC Zenit, KNVB), and healthcare professionals from the GCC, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

The first day of the conference featured an array of engaging sessions led by renowned professionals. Topics covered included the importance of symmetry in ACL injury assessment, strategies for strength and jump testing, running and change of direction analysis, and comprehensive clinical pearls. Presenters included experts such as Chris Bishop (UK), Vasilis Sideris (Aspetar), Roula Kotsifaki (Aspetar), Benoit Pairot de Fontenay (France), Joao Marques (Aspetar), and others.

A significant highlight of the conference was the introduction of Aspetar Clinical Practice Guidelines on Rehabilitation after ACL Reconstruction (ACLR). This resource, intended for physiotherapists managing patients post-ACLR, is poised to be a crucial tool in outpatient clinics.

The guidelines also hold relevance for physicians, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals involved in ACL rehabilitation.

A unique aspect of the conference was the emphasis on athlete experience. Stakeholders involved in ACL return-to-play decision-making shared their insights, providing a valuable perspective into the thought processes guiding critical decisions in athletes' rehabilitation journey.

As the conference moves into its second day, the agenda includes discussions on individualizing athletic development after ACL reconstruction, key factors outside the gym in ACL rehabilitation, practical pearls, hot topics in ACL rehabilitation, and a panel discussion on Return to Play (RTP) decision-making.

Day 2 will feature a keynote address by Dr. Andy Massy, FIFA director, addressing "The Aspetar ACL Way - How we guide an athlete through their journey from the operating table back to the top of their sport." The day will also delve into topics such as explosive strength, reactive strength, running mechanics, change of direction/agility, and individualized reconditioning.

The Aspetar International Rehabilitation Conference serves not only as a forum for knowledge exchange but also as a nexus for international collaboration. Experts from around the world are coming together to shape the future of ACL rehabilitation, setting new standards for patient care, and contributing to the advancement of sports medicine globally. 


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