FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 1-Year Anniversary: Al Amin Proud of Organization

2023-11-25 | Since 3 Month

Hamam Al Amin

Doha, 25 November 2023 - Hamam Al Amin, a player for the Qatari national football team, affirmed that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was a pivotal milestone in the history of the World Cup on various levels, especially in terms of organization, as Qatar succeeded in presenting the best edition to date.

Speaking exclusively to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Amin said that he recalls with pride and honor the FIFA World Cup 2022, adding that Qatar amazed the world with its impeccable organization and presentation of the tournament in the best possible manner, noting that the audiences enjoyed magnificent infrastructure and unique stadiums.

Al Amin, who was one of the Qatari national team players in the tournament, added that it was an honor for him to participate in the World Cup with the Qatari national team. He added that the team wanted to make the fans proud like they were with organizing an exceptional edition that was the talk of the world and still.

He noted that the focus now would be on securing another World Cup appearance through the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup joint qualifiers.

He added that the fans experienced an exceptional tournament with an atmosphere that will linger in minds for years to come. He noted that the world witnessed the sense of wonder experienced by all who visited Qatar during the World Cup and followed the competitions in a tournament that was exceptional artistically.

He expressed his belief that excellence was evident in all aspects technical, popular, and organizational in Qatar's edition, highlighting that it was something to be proud of.

Al Amin pointed out that the proximity between stadiums and having the tournament in a geographically close area for the first time in history were factors that contributed to the success of the event.

This facilitated the task for players who avoided the pressures of long-distance travel during the competitions, resulting in matches at the highest technical levels. It also helped audiences attend as many matches as possible during the tournament and enjoy various activities, making the 2022 World Cup a unique experience, being held for the first time in an Arab country and successfully portraying an honorable image.


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