Qatar University Holds "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: One Year On" Seminar

2023-11-30 | Since 3 Month

"FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: One Year On" Seminar

Doha, 30 November 2023 - In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University (QU) organized a research seminar titled "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: One Year On." The seminar welcomed Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at QU, and Dr. Kaltham Al Ghanim, Director of SESRI, alongside various researchers, academics, and stakeholders from diverse state institutions.
This seminar aligns with SESRI's commitment to advancing research capabilities at QU and disseminating accurate survey data to the public, research community, and decision-makers. SESRI also collaborates with several entities, including the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, responsible for the infrastructure and host country planning for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 , in addition to Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Georgetown University in Qatar, and the International Labour Organization, among others.
Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, highlighted SESRI's significance and its crucial role in understanding public opinion concerning this mega event. She emphasized that the FIFA World Cup 2022 was more than a sporting event; it was a convergence of diverse cultures. SESRI aims to uncover its social, cultural, and economic impact on Qatar, delving into public opinion details, social attitudes, and long-term event impacts. The FIFA World Cup 2022 left a lasting imprint, with SESRI's academic surveys key to narrating this impact.
Dr. Kaltham Al Ghanim, Director of SESRI, lauded the seminar's importance, stating: "The significance of this seminar lies in uncovering the multiple social, cultural, and economic dimensions accompanying the FIFA World Cup event. It reflects the effective efforts of researchers aiming to gauge respondents' opinions, societal shifts, and the enduring impacts of this global event." Al Ghanim added, "This is an opportunity to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and contribute to knowledge shaping our understanding of these massive events and their societal impact. May our collective efforts serve as a source for comprehending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Hopefully, our contributions will inspire future generations to explore the intersection of sports, culture, and society." The seminar featured several panel discussions. The first session comprised various research presentations. Dr. Abdullah Diop, manager of the research department at SESRI, presented "SESRI and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Insights: A Decade of Survey Research Excellence." Max Tunon, head of International Labor Organization office in Qatar (ILO), discussed "ILO's Support for Labour Reforms, Pre- and Post-World Cup." Other SESRI researchers, including Dr. Elmogiera El Awad Section Head of Field Operations and John Lee Pratt Holmes- Section Head of CATI Operations, detailed "The FIFA Survey Cup: SESRI's Playbook for Reaching Respondents." The final presentation by Hend Al Sulaiti, Senior Research Assistant, focused on "Perceptions and Attitudes among Nationals and Residents Towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup." The second session began with Prof. Adam Fadallah, the College of Business and Economics at QU, presented, "The Perceived Impacts of Staging the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar." Ms. Aisha Al-Hammadi, Senior Research Assistant at SESRI discussed "Perceived Impacts of the FIFA 2022 among Nationals and Residents Towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup." Dr. Kamilla Swart Assoc. Professor, Director: Sport and Entertainment Management, Hamad Bin Khalifa University presented "Real-time Analysis of Event Legacy: Social Media Narratives of the FIFA Men's World Cup Qatar 2022." Dr. Danyel Tobias Reiche from Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), Georgetown University Qatar, presented "A General Overview of How Social Changes in Domestic and Foreign Relations Evolved after the World Cup." Finally, Semsia Jatic, Senior Research Assistant at SESRI, presented "Interest in Volunteering for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar: A Nationally Representative Study of Motivations." The sessions concluded with discussions, questions, and engagement with the audience. 


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