QOC to organize its annual fitness & health program on Saturday

2023-12-08 | Since 4 Month

QOC annual  fitness and health program

Doha, 8 December 2023 - The  Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) will be organising  the 21st  edition of its annual  fitness and health program at the Bidda Park from  (Expo Park Cultural Zone)  from 4  to 6 pm on Saturday.

This fitness and health programme is  for all age groups and will include physiotherapy ,  health tests , physical and physiological measurements to inform the participants of their fitness , which  are key indicators of health fitness and motivation to exercise sport regularly and moderately.

These body measurements  shall include height, weight, and the relationship between them using BMI to determine body fat ratios. 

While physical measurements are the strength of the grip, a pointer to the general strength of the body, the flexibility to measure the motor range of a group of joints, and aerobic fitness. In addition to physiological measurements, which include blood pressure, heart rate, and diabetes.

The programme aims to promote  awareness on the  importance of physical fitness and exercise as well as the promotion of sports and health values among the community.

The programme is part of the community programmes through which  the QOC aims to make sports an integral  part of life which contribute to the development of health as well as deepen its relations with the local community.


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