ICSS, UNITAR’s CIFAL Global Network and EMCA launch Sport Safety Training Programme for European Sport Clubs and Associations

2024-01-31 | Since 3 Week

Sport Safety Training Programme for European Sport Clubs and Associations launched

Brussels, 31 January 2024 – The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), jointly with the "International Training Centers for Authorities and Leaders” (CIFAL Centres) attached to UNITAR, the UN Training and Research Agency, and the European Multiclub Sport Association (EMCA), have launched a 200-hour online Sport Safety Training Programme to help provide safe and secure sport environments at sport events in Europe.

The launch of the programme, which took place in Brussels during General Assembly of EMCA, an umbrella organization representing the interests of multisport clubs in Europe, comes within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding singed in October 2023 between the ICSS and EMCA to promote bilateral collaboration for continuous exchange of knowledge and the development of innovative sustainable initiatives.

The training programme, internationally certified through The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), is comprised of 13 independent but interlinked courses, all available off the shell, which contain elements to lead effective safety and security operations during the preparation and delivery of sports events and competitions, vis-à-vis new and emerging threats.

The programme primarily intends to train officials in the fields of safety and security in sport clubs and associations in Europe. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be issued a certificate jointly released by the ICSS, UNITAR’s CIFAL and EMCA.

Christina Tsiligkiri, EMCA President, said: “EMCA is at the forefront of initiatives that apply a safety net around sports. We work closely with ICSS and UNITAR’s CIFAL Global Network to crack down on phenomena that pose a serious threat for sport activities such as crimes, violence, and racism.

We put our strengths at nurturing a mentality that perceives sports as a playground of joy and not as a battlefield of hatred.”

Massimiliano Montanari, ICSS CEO, said: “Through this initiative with EMCA, we are very proud to bring the courses we developed jointly with UNITAR’s CIFAL to clubs and associations across Europe. We trust this training programme will facilitate and support the development of safe and secure sport environments at sport events in Europe, addressing threats to sport such as violence, public disorders, serious crimes and the growing shadow of racism”.

Julio Andrade, CIFAL Global Network Coordinator, said: We have the experience of having launched in 2021, the first ICSS/UNITAR-certified Sport Safety and Security Training and Advanced Education Programme, receiving endorsement from leading United Nations entities like the UN Office of Counter Terrorism and sport federations like the FIFA.

In the last two years in Africa in cooperation with CAF, the African Football Confederation we implemented the first regional initiative, providing training to approximately 150 practitioners. Now we are very happy to join EMCA launching the Sport Safety Training Programme.”

To enroll in the programme, click on course registration:  https://theicss.org/sport-safety-and-security-training-and-advanced-education-programme/


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