AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023: Journalists Praise Striking Fan Attendance in Most Engaging Editions in Tournament's History

2024-02-04 | Since 4 Month

Record-breaking attendance

Doha, 4 February 2024 - The 2023 AFC Asian Cup, currently hosted by Qatar, witnessed record-breaking attendance, making it one of the most engaging editions in the tournament's history, while Arab teams, Qatar and Jordan, are waiting for the support of their fans in the semi-finals to continue their aspirations and reach the final on Feb. 10.

Sports pundit and former Kuwaiti national team player Jasem Al-Huwaidi praised Qatar's excellent organization of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup and its meticulous planning in various aspects. He noted that this stems from the experience that Qatar gained from hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Al-Huwaidi added, in an interview with the Saudi SSC channel, that the impressive and notable aspect of Qatar's hosting of the AFC Asian football championship is the significant attendance in the tournament's matches, despite the absence of some strong matchups, which reflects Qatar's success in hosting the event.

He pointed out that Qatar's use of the same visual effects and music for players entrance that were used during its hosting of the World Cup kept all those watching the tournament matches in the same World Cup atmosphere.

In the same context, Abu Dhabi Sports channel continued to highlight the historical and entertainment landmarks of Doha, through its program "Doha Asia." The program explored the streets and shops of Msheireb, located in Downtown Doha, describing it as an integrated smart city that blends authenticity with modernity.

The report mentioned that visitors may find it challenging to choose where to go, as Doha is rich in wonderful places that captivate its visitors. Msheireb is a sustainable and integrated smart city, where even garbage containers operate using smart technology, along with smart elevators. The city also offers a free tram service that takes visitors around the entire city in 18 minutes. Additionally, Msheireb boasts numerous cafes and restaurants that delight visitors with delicious dishes from various international cuisines.

The reported pointed out that the term 'Msheireb' is an old word that means the place providing drinking water near Qatari old houses, holding significant value in the authentic Qatari collective memory and sentiment.

In an interview during the "Doha Asia" program, Sudanese journalist Al-Hajj Al-Sayyid Abu Warqa said that the journalist's sense led him to travel to Doha to keep up with the events of the Asian Cup, adding that the world as a whole has not had enough of the 2022 World Cup yet, so they gathered in Doha to relive some moments of the wonderful World Cup.

Abu Warqa added that Qatar has amazed the world with the 2022 World Cup and continues to delight everyone with major sports events, noting that what Qatar is doing exceeds imagination, as it presents a bright and vibrant image of the Arab world.


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